Sunday, September 30, 2007

HOW NERDDDY ARE YOU? and other thoughts

Per regular commenter and friend Big Kahuna's urging, I recently took the How Nerdy Are You Test. My result:

I am nerdier than 80% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I'm so curious to find out how my favorite commenters will score on the quiz!

In other news, while cleaning out a closet, I found myself with one of those Magic 8 balls that were all the rage in the '90s in hand. Of course, I decided to give it a shake. The results were, to say the very least, disenchanting. If the bloody stupid ball has its way, my future holds the following pitiful layers of pitifulness (there are a couple of stars here but, alas, the more pitiable perdictions totally eclipse them):

Outlook's not so good on my being independently wealthy and owning luxurious real estate around the world;

the ball's sources say no, I will not be a spinster;

but it also says that I'm most likely to be single for another decade;

and that I may rely on my being incredibly lonely for a very long time;

I shouldn't count on ever having kids;

but it is certain that I will win the MegaMillions lottery (this prediction made my mother, the only person I know who regularly plays the lotto, very happy and now she's trying to convince me to play this week's draw);

it is very doubtful that I will have a good time on the 19th (dear you-know-who...obviously, this magic 8 ball business is a crock of shite);

as far as having a tremendously great time in London, according to the blasted ball, it is decidedly so.

I trashed the stupidly idiotic magic 8 ball.
I need sleep.

Ciao kittens.


Anonymous said...

Pakistanis get the job done, well atleast not the crazy ones. It's the truth. But anways, go find yourself an Indian or Pakistani lawyer and get married.

Psy said...


The magic 8-ball will say anything for a good shake.

Anonymous said...

Hot date on the 19th??? Come on, spill! Meeting MP?

bigkahuna said...

I came out as "Nerd God"
Man, I been programming too long ;-)

SabilaK said...

Anonymous: I thought it was Pakistani and Indian doctors that got the job done?

SabilaK said...

psy: you're a far better nerd than I. I'm humbled.

SabilaK said...

Anonymous: Hot date? Who said anything about a hot date? Ahem.

SabilaK said...

Clearly, you need to run for office now and win.

Anonymous said...

Pakistani and Indian men in general get the job done in so many ways: they are more marriage material, a lot can cook, and a lot can hold an intelligent conversation etc etc. Above all a lot are practical people. And yeah the doctors are great too, you just have to find someone that will support you even if you are working or not. When a man doesn't force you to work and a lot of the rich ones won't it shows that they will be much more reliable for the future.