Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My wonderful 27-year-old cousin and his 24-year-old fiance will get hitched in Karachi, Pakistan in June 2008. Yours truly will be a whopping 29 years and 3 months in June 2008. I'm well on my way to developing a complex about being the oldest single chick in the wedding party. These things would have never, ever bothered me before, so why now? I guess because I've never been 28.5-years-old and without a romantic prospect in sight.

According to Rich, we could always fall back on the "I'm-a-childless-spinster-because-I-care-about-the-toll-that-global-
argument, if we do ever find ourselves single and childless in older age. But if, at 40-something, I continue feeling like I need to be included in this "global swarm," then perhaps adopting from around the globe, a la Angie Jolie, would be the most mutually beneficial way to do it:

"It'll be just like adopting a kitten or puppy, only no allergies (we hope---what if you're allergic to babies? Man, then you really would be eff'ed)!"

I'm totally using the global swarming argument at the June 2008 wedding.


Psy said...

I have three (two older, one my age) cousins and three family friends who have gotten engaged this year and who will all be wedded a few months apart next year within the accepted realms of culture much to the delight of their parents, who are now complete.

My petty side is rather pissed off at them, having left me to be the last standing girl.

I have been informed that these girls are smart, because they have successfully snagged themselves "good boys" before it was too late. Apparently, there are plenty a good boy on the Internet just DYING to be contacted.

I don't have the age thing over my head, but yes, 2008 is just going to be one of those years.

Anonymous said...

Angelina Jolie DOES have Brad Pitt by her side. So she isnt exactly doing this as a "single" mom. Therefore, your Jolie analogy doesnt hold.