Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The realization that---given the expeditious rate at which I'm working on finding a husband---my parents might not be around by the time I'm ready to have children, paid me another visit yesterday. This time, it was during a routine walk from the ladies' room to my office. I was in quite a panic, thinking about how I had to be pregnant now in order to ensure that my kids would know their grandparents.

I cursed that blight of advancing age, told myself it would be okay, and tried to get back to work.

I couldn't get back to work right away though.
My mom, you see, seems to have spidey sense when it comes to this marriage-baby garbage. Not five minutes after my "I-need-to-be-with-child-NOW" moment, the phone rang. It was her. After a brief and distracted hello, she announced that I must send her a new biodata straightaway---I was supposed to email it to them last night but I've resisted---plus a photo of myself, which is to be vetted by my mother, of course.

Of course, as per usual, she's not especially forthcoming with the information she does have (a family friend knows of some eligible bachelor in New, and that's all she's told me........). Of course, as per usual, I've reverted to pouting and rolling my eyes a la pre-teeny bopper Nerd.

I really don't want to bloody write a bloody biodata. And, to tell you the truth, this nonsense has made me get over my "I-need-to-be-with-child-NOW" moment pretty quickly. Eff. I dunno what to do.

By the way, you kittens don't know me at all. The highest anyone's scored on the quiz in the post below is a 30%! Damn straight, I'm an enigma!

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