Thursday, September 13, 2007


My folks will likely disown me (or at least give me the icy silent treatment for several days) after they discover tomorrow AM that my shiny, new biodata isn't in their inbox. I've asked them to refer all of the (un)suitable boys they and their friends unearth for me to this blog and my gazillion profiles on online networking sites, but amma very firmly declared, "I will not send anyone to that block of yours!" to which I just giggled and said, "You said block." Then, becoming very defensive, I threw in there, "You want to know how many people read my blog? Hundreds! It's good enough for them."

Okay, so maybe I embellished the number a little bit, but I was trying to make a point.

Anyway, the biodata still doesn't exist. I say phooey to such silly things. How am I supposed to condense my life's experiences into a single page? I do have a feeling, however, that my folks are going to guilt me--or ignore me--into doing just that, at which point I will make a special plea to all of my biodata experts out there to help me put something together.



Psy said...

Instead of a biodata, you could do a very simple FAQ that ends with a link to your many profiles or this here blog.

In fact, you could totally use some of the questions your readers have asked you already!

This requires minimal time and effort, while artfully weeding out the lamer prospects who aren't likely to "get it" :)

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

Seems like it would be pretty hard to get any sort of idea how much you will like someone based on a piece of paper. My personal experience on dating sites has confirmed that no matter how good things might be on paper, there's no way to account for the chemistry required between two people - and no matter how unromantic/realist your approach to these things, you do have to feel something more than "he's ok" to get you through the difficult times, and by difficult I mean all those times you want to kill him for leaving tea bags on the sink or some such thing!

The blog related FAQ sounds like a good idea, you don't want to waste your time on people who won't get you at all. But you never know... having the 'rents get involved may bring along a dashing young gent who gets you and brings joy to your life... seems like as good a way as any.

I think its time that MP makes a last ditch attempt for glory - or the nerd might be off the market!

Terra Shield said...

What's the biodata for? Isn't it more fun going on a blind-arranged date with someone you hardly know and get to know them on the date itself?

Of course those with traditionalist views may have different opinions....

Maybe a revised resume might do the trick :D

bigkahuna said...

I'm going to suggest something off the wall (gee, what a surprise!)

How about you write a treatment of Your Life: The Novel.
Take us through the stages of our Nerddd's life and where the story needs to go... The story is of greatest importance. The bio on the author is interesting in knowing the person can "deliver." I'm certain a gent worthy of your attention would be intrigued by such a notion.

So how about it Mlle Nerddd? Time to finally write!!!!

Anonymous said...

How about doing just a blurb?

You know like one of those book covers that entice you to pick up the book and rush home and read it cover to cover.

Post one for your thousands (not hundreds) of readers :o)

Kinza said...

my sister is in the same boat as u- she was forced by family and friends to join a website that promotes match making. i loved what she wrote. would u care to glance at that? it does not make her sound like the perfect traditional housewife that the traditional desi guy would covet OR the too good to care type. i think she put forth her point in a down to earth way. for your eyes only ofcourse! let me know.

SabilaK said...

My parents would have a conniption each if I made mention of anything online. They'll be vetting the biodata plus pic. I love your idea though. Sigh.

SabilaK said...

Aunty Helpful Dictator: The 'rents have tried to help countless times and have ended up doing nothing more than putting me in absurd situations (remember the family blind date last Christmas. I still break out into hives at merely the thought of it).

SabilaK said...

Don't Malaysians believe in the power of the biodata? I was always under the impression that they did.

SabilaK said...

I'd have to be seriously in love with a dude in order to pen a novel or memoir for him.

How's the campaigning coming along?

nusrat said...

If you can write a resume you can write a biodata...or your Mom can write one for you and send it off without your knowledge. Which do you prefer?

SabilaK said...


But the praise should come from someone else, no?

"Although her cooking skills are questionable, SabilaK's blogging skills rock my world on a daily basis. She restores my faith in humanity. Someone marry this girl and give her a Nobel Peace Prize already! Gosh!"
---Nelson Mandela

"I'd make her my Speaker of the House if it wasn't for you-know-who. YaknowwhatImean?"
---Bill Clinton

"Did you read her post about rescuing ducks? Shit, she's amazing. Nearly brought tears to my eyes."
---Stephen King

SabilaK said...

Kinza, dear, I'd LOVE to get some ideas from your sister's online biodata! Saw your camping pics, by the way. You guys were really roughing it!

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

hmmm it probably didn't occur to me how awful it could be because my parents would never dare try and set me up with anyone... I've just been thinking that the whole "finding a man for yourself" thing is overrated! Who has the time?!

How about "Truly the best girl you will ever marry" on your dust cover.. or "though all of her previous husbands died in mysterious 'accidents' every one of them said, just before they died, that it was worth it just to see her face first thing in the morning" NYPD

Terra Shield said...


I can't say for the others, but I have reached the stage where well meaning-ed aunts and uncles will search every nook and cranny for eligible as soon as I say I'm interested. I have been cornered before into excruciatingly painful conversations as to what type of guy I'm looking for, but no mention of the biodata thus far.

Personally it would be too nerve -wrecking for me.