Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Breaking news Kittens!***

I've been selected to spend a week at the corporate mothership next month! Yes, Wills-and-Harry-Land is welcoming your Nerddd with open arms (now, Wills or Harry welcoming her with open arms would be cause for an entirely different sort of celebration...ahem). I've never been to England before. I can't wait to have high tea (or any other sort of maybe scones...or a crumpet or two?) on an arty patio overlooking the Thames at the Tate Modern (our very own Madlibbin' Parasailer highly recommends this). I'd also love to be a groundling at the reconstructed Globe theater, visit Jane Austen's house in the English countryside, shop at Harrods, ride a double decker and the tube, watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, run around Emily Bronte's romantic moors of northern England, etc, all while I learn stuff at the corporate mothership! Phew.

Crap, it's going to be a very long week.
And, oh crap, the realization that I will be making this trans-Atlantic flight all alone is just starting to sink in. Crap (yep, I said it again).

***well, news actually broke last week but I forgot to tell you's breaking news to you, anyway)!


Anonymous said...


Please be carefuls. London is a very scary place even for a spinster like you. You may want to take the time to ask your parents and family if they may have some suitable boys so you can meet their parents in London. Since you dont like the american pakistani boys you may like the ones from england. They have many doctors.

P.S. Please do not play soccer in the park. i have seen the bend it like the beckam and that is no good.

Defense Phase 2 Auntie

SabilaK said...

Auntie! I can't belive you called me a spinster!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are spinster. Vacations with boys, single at 28 and one half, not giving biodata to your mother, flirting with boys on subways and now london by yourself. That is spinster. I know i looked it up in dictionaries. Shaadi Karo.

Defense Phase 2 Auntie

Richie said...

I never actually made it to Jane Austen's house -- it's way out in Chatham, I think, and you have to take a bus or something Draconian like that. But the Tate Modern is faboo -- I always liked getting a drink at the bar on the top floor, gazing across the river at St. Paul's. You'll fall in love, and then we can move there in a year's time: don't bother unpacking your bags, darling.

Anonymous said...

hai hai hai. Is this the rich that you vacations with? Sharab on the top of the floor. Darlings? Please do not further corruption this poor nice girl. She may be spinsters but she should not be given temptations.

Defense Phase 2 Auntie.

SabilaK said...

"Sharab" for all of you non-Urdu speakers out there means alcohol.

Aunty, stop calling me a spinster, dammit! Only my mom's allowed to call me that!

Anonymous said...'s a thought take Madlibbin' Parasailer with would be so romantic(sigh)....there's got to be some sparks flying between the two of you...

Do tell!

Francesca said...

If you don't have time to see Jane Austen's house, there's always Keats's; very interesting and touching.

Flying: don't forget the giant-angel escort. Oh, and take a Xanax.

Anonymous said...

Or it could rain every day, you could get stuck during a tube melt-down....and then end up hating the city! Speaking as a New Yorker who has been transplanted to London, I've had friends visit me here and fall in love with city. But that's usually been when it's reasonably sunny... I've had friends come during the grey season who have vowed never to return.


Anonymous said...

Defense Phase 2 Auntie,

You sound like a hoax!