Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Dear Friend of the Family, who said hello by way of lamenting for long and torturous minutes about how much weight I've gained since the last time we met (all in the spirit of Ramadan, I'm sure):

I hate you.
A lot.
I happen to hate you so much that I hope you're reading this blog right now so that you know exactly how much I hate you.

Thanks for opening the portal to suckage on a day that was turning out to be unexceptional but swell.

I'd love to wish a pox on you, lady, but seeing that it's Ramadan and I'm trying very hard to refrain from cuss words and ill will, I'll just pray that someone introduces you to these interesting concepts called "minding your own business" and "minding your manners." They're all the rage. You might want to look into them, maybe take a couple of classes.

In the meantime, I'll focus on healing my body before I can whip it back into shape.

I'm glad we understand each other.

The Nerddd


francesca said...

Ugh. Is there anything worse than passive aggressive?

Take it from me, you are a sylph.

And I hope my puppy didn't contribute to your optical woes.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I see all that hiking in Maine didn't help!

your friend in DC who loves you to death said...

ummm. and when she said that why didn't you say: You're UGLY but you don't see ME complaining now do you?


Why in the WORLD is it that desi people think that it is ok to comment on someone...IN GENERAL...

i no longer up up with that bullshit and give a sentence BACK to them...usually shuts them up. and i don't give A SHIT if they think i'm rude...they're the one who started it and i have the right to talk back ...


i swear. i'm so pissed right now at her and all the other dumb fucks out there who need to criticize others to make themeselves feel better about their own pathetic existence.

you're not fat. how fat is SHE?



*mutters under breath*

fuckheads....stupid bitch...

here i'll curse for you.


SabilaK said...

Thank you Francesca. You're lovely. In all honesty though, I do feel very sumo-wrestler-like. The hip/leg is starting to feel a lot better though, so things should get back to normal soon.

And trust me, my eye allergies were kicked into gear long before the puppy. I LOVE that puppy (even though I scared him to pieces).

SabilaK said...

Screw this, I don't care if it's Ramadan. You're a punk and I hate you.

SabilaK said...

My friend in DC:

I love you too darling.

Anonymous said...

1) I think your dc friend tries waaaay too hard
2) I think it's kind of sad
3) I think she needs to get a life
4) Yes, I know I do too for commenting on her comments.

SabilaK said...


It's pretty obvious that you don't have any friends who would actually stand up for you and that makes me feel sad.

Anonymous said...


Way to draw an eroneous conclusion. Whenever anyone past the age of 15 resorts to inane rants and profanity like your friend did, it's just sad. As for friends standing up for one another, I'd much prefer having friends stand up for me regarding issues that are truly important, rather than someone calling me fat. You're 28. Grow up darling.

Cyberfish said...

Anonymous: Let me take this opportunity to correct another erroneous conclusion (and before you chalk this up to an attempt to ingratiate myself to Sabilak, I have no designs on her whatsoever and do not harbor any remote hopes of meeting her (no offense Sabila)) there is something to be said for simply doing the right thing. I've never met Sabila. We aren't and never have been friends. I find her musings moderately entertaining and often a brief and (usually) pleasant break from work when I am trapped in front of my computer all day with nothing but a million apps running and a sweet broadband connection. I'm saying this ANON because you annoy me. The tone and temperament of your comments are petty, self important, and malicious. You clearly have more important things to do, but you choose, instead, to needle Sabila incessantly and find fault with everything she says and does. I am not going to go into the psychological implications of that, but it is evident that you have an axe to grind. If that is the case start your own blog man and leave others to seek out a cathartic release without your passive aggressive drive bys.

Anonymous said...


yawn...seriously dude, way to stick up for her. Kudos.