Friday, September 07, 2007


The highlight of my second day on the marriage market was the fact that my face stopped leaking.

I need help but shudder to think what kind of circus this might turn into if I get my mother and her cohorts involved.

Perhaps, like amma suggested, I should invest in literature. How does one go about picking up a guy, who'll make a great husband during her commute (because seriously folks, where else am I going to pick him up)?


Anonymous said...

I have no idea...good luck Sabila. I think you should marry MP - but that's just me. I can't watch soaps but I will read your blog...go figure. I guess is a soap for somewhat literate folk?

good luck! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hey whatever happened to MP? Please don't tell us that was the end? Is there any behind the blog action....don't leave us hanging

Anonymous said...

And what about you and Rich?

SabilaK said...

MP has more fans here than even I do.

SabilaK said...

Rich ditched me. He wasn't so keen on the live wedding webcast.