Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I love my mom. In the past, we've seen her become somewhat obsessed with matching me with eligible bachelor-types, reader. And though I know it's still difficult for her to have a single 28-year-old daughter (and unmarried 34 and 36-year-old sons), while everyday, another one of her friends' kids (some barely out of their teens!!!) is getting engaged/married/or popping out a baby, she's backed off. I think she recognized that her sheer determination to get me hitched did nothing but put a strain on our relationship.

Still, she can't help giving me advice about getting a move on it. Just the other day, we were having coffee, talking about something totally unrelated to the pursuits of the heart when, very abruptly, she changed the subject and said:

"You know, you should try reading a book about how to meet boys. There must be books out there about such things, right? Look for them the next time you're at the bookstore because, surely, they must exist."

And then she dropped it.
Just like that.
She threw it out there.
And she dropped it.
And we kept on talking about this other thing.

I love amma.

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bigkahuna said...

I suppose we could say the score is Amma: 40 - Love ;-)