Thursday, July 26, 2007


While Little People, Big World remains my favorite show of the summer (sure, it's in hiatus at the moment, but I've been catching up on missed episodes on TLC, so it's still new for me...I'm seriously on the verge of writing Matt and Amy Roloff a letter, asking them to adopt me), The History Channel's Human Weapon is coming in a close second.

Human Weapon follows mixed martial artist and all-around hottie Justin Chambers and former pro-football player and wrestler Bill Duff as they travel around the world, learning both the history and techniques of various fighting styles--everything from Muay Thai kickboxing to Russian Sambo to Filipino stickfighting. Each epidsode culminates with one of the two hosts facing a master of that style in a bout. Believe it or not, your nerd used to be quite the fan of mixed martial arts back in the '90s--I worshipped at the altar of the Gracies (before I start getting hate comments from Taliban-style commentors, note that I don't mean this literally).

Anyway, the point of this blog is that you folks should surely tune into Human Weapon...well, if you're into that sort of thing, anyway.


Anonymous said...

If there's any show you should be watching on the History Channel, it's Cities of the Underworld!

mdn said...

Your secret, shadowy MMA past is very impressive and, I have to say, not especially nerdy. Here is a multiple choice question on the topic ( though there is, of course, no wrong answer):

Most awesomest?

SabilaK said...


mdn said...

Good choice! (But I left off Renzo . . . I hope he doesn't find out. I should just start tapping now!)