Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Why is everyone in an uproar about me going on holiday with a boy, anyway? I am 28, after all, as the entire South Asian community keeps reminding me. I've vacationed with friends plenty of times in the past, people. It's not like I'm 12 and running away on a Greyhound bus with my allowance money.

Please, chill the hell out.

And thanks Rach, for that kick ass comment in my "PUSHING ALL THE WRONG BUTTONS" post!


Anonymous said...

aw...anytime dude. i hope you have many scandalous adventures in your life.


Pierre Ranger said...

You should have named your blog entry ; really? like the SNL Weekend Update thing!

P.S. : We want to see more picture of you! Well, I do anyway!.


Seni said...

When I was ten I walked in on my mom scolding my sister (who was 14) because she was talking to a boy on the phone, and she said "Boys only want one thing!" and I said "Ice cream?" Then she yelled at me for eavesdropping.

I had a point when I started...

Oh yeah, brown folks is crazy. Especially when it comes to inter-gender issues. There's no point yelling at them for that.