Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BREAKING NEWS! The Nerddd Rescues a Pigeon!

I've had so many failed animal rescue attempts in the past that these few and far between successes are blog-worthy, in my opinion.

I found an injured/sick/old pigeon across the street from the PATH station on the way to work this morning and, as per usual, couldn't walk away. I was soon joined by a young woman with as bloody a bleeding heart as mine and together we wrung our hands, watching the pigeon breathe laboriously.

She called her mother while I called information for animal control. We both hung up at around the same time, with her mother suggesting we call animal control and animal control pulling a "We're-currently-closed" on me. We both agreed that one of us should run to the veterinarian's office across the street and ask them for advice.

The girl ran. I stayed by the pigeon and told it to hang in there. Pedestrians walking past us gave me suspicious, sidelong glances. I tried other animal control offices in the city and continued talking to the pigeon while on hold.

The girl came back with a box and a towel.

"If you can get the little guy in the box, we'll take him in," the vet had promised her.

We both cooed to the pigeon as we worked together to put him in the box. The pigeon is now at the vet's office. I'll check in on him (or her) this afternoon.

Another animal saved. Phew.


Anonymous said...

Thats adorable, and so sweet.

madrichard said...

on the other hand there are almost as many pigeons as there are rats in new york city. would you have saved a dying rat? evolutionary a manhattan rat would even be closer to us.

mdn said...

"I found an injured/sick/old pigeon across the street from the PATH station on the way to work this morning..."

Wait, were you on the way to work or was the pigeon? Because if it was the pigeon, that would be pretty cute. You know, heading to the office in its little pigeon bowler hat with its little pigeon briefcase when suddenly it was felled by a dizzy spell...

Anonymous said...

How did the pigeon fair out?

mdn: LOL on that comment - it would be pretty cute if the pigeon was on the way to work :o)

? said...

Good job. Mashallah. When I was a kid, I used to have an Air Gun that used small U shaped iron bullets. Back home on a summer afternoon I took a shot at a pigeon sitting at a tree outside my house ( I was at my terrace). The angle was such that the bullet went thru one eye and came out with the other. The poor bird didn't die by lost both eyes. I didn't know what to do with it and felt horrible for hurting it. After that, I put the gun to rest and even refuse to go fishing now.