Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Last night, I dreamt that Matt Roloff, the dad from my new favorite show, Little People, Big World, was teaching me how to drive an RV on the beach. I'm driving pretty damned well, given all the sand and surf, but I keep telling him "Uh, but I have to drive on the highway! There are so many highways in Maine!" and he's ignoring me, telling me to keep driving. Meanwhile, my semi-hottie neighbor is sitting behind us, flirting with me. When he starts tickling me on my neck, I turn around and shout, "CUT IT OUT! I still need to learn how to parallel park!"

But he keeps right at it and suddenly, the three of us are on a highway, with cars zooming by but we're pulled over to the shoulder and Matt's all like, "Okay, parallel park." And semi-cute neighbor has now stopped tickling my neck long enough to enjoy a giant slice of what looks like coconut cake, so he's no help. And I gulp when I see that the orange cones on the side of the highway are set way closer (like Mini Cooper close) than they should be for an RV but I start trying to parallel park anyway and I'm totally in the zone when Matt Roloff tells me, "You're taking too long!" and the cars are still zooming by us on the highway and neighbor is useless, eating his cake in the back, but suddenly leans forward to kiss me on the cheek and then I wake up.

I've been known to have some random-odd dreams in my time, but seriously...

*Update: Rachel and I both agree that if I should be dreaming about any Roloff, it should be Jeremy, the hotty, taller twin.


Anonymous said...

You will soon be involved in a menage a trois.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with your friend; you had the wrong Roloff teaching you how to drive and RV; in fact when he said: "You're taking too long!", you should have probably gone ahead and said: "Lets see you try it!"

SabilaK said...

Anonymous: Really? It sure is about time.

Anonymous: If semi-hot neighbor hadn't kissed me, I think I might've pulled a James Van Der Beek from Varsity Blues, "I DON'T WANT YOUR LIFE."

That dude can do anything though. I mean Matt, not James. I really love that show.