Friday, September 14, 2007


Roselle and I had our first argument in 15 years today. Of course, we made up and swore our love and best friendship to each other because is there really any other way to end a fight after 24 years of best friendship? We’ve already started pointing out and cracking up over a few chosen highlights from the argument (most of which were things that I said, in the heat of the contretemps). They follow:

A) Who died and made you the fuckin-Statue of-fuckin-Liberty!
B) No, I'm what makes America GREAT, DAMMIT!
C) This is exactly what happened to the Dixie Chicks!
D) All hail the president of Jesusland!

Okay, so most of the choice highlights from the argument (ahem, all of the highlights) were mine but I was making a really great point. And, just for the record, Roselle is not a crazy, Bible-thumping right wing Bush supporter. She’s simply someone opposed to the generalizations I love to make. And I am prone to generalizing. For example, this weekend I told my Korean-American friend, ES:

“I LOVE your people. They’re the nicest, most respectful and respectable people on earth...wait, is that prejudiced of me?”

Yah, so it turns out that was totally prejudice of me.

I’ve also said in the past:

“I LOVE all East Asians because they’re the nicest, most respectful and respectable people on earth.”

“I LOVE ALL gay men because they redeem all other men for me.”

“OMG, every single middle American is a Bible-thumping right wing Bush supporter!”

Well, sue me.

What in the eff am I doing blogging at 4:45AM? I hope this post makes sense later today.

Okay, I’m going to sleep.


The Brown Girl said...

There must be something in the air with best friends fighting everywhere. me and mine... you and your friend...and my sis and hers. :(

Anonymous said...

Darling Sabilak...let me guess what the fight was about... did it start because your friend thought you were selling out to a ethnic stereotype of life/marriage that doesn;t mesh with the ideals of the great US of A? Tell me I'm wrong....

Holden C

SabilaK said...

Anonymous: Er, no.

Anonymous said...

task, tsk...liar liar!