Sunday, October 14, 2007


T minus four days until my amma-sanctioned "hot date," to which I alluded several posts ago. Between you, my vast multitudes of readers (I'm rounding up, naysayers...ahem...), and me, I'm effin' nervous. Let's be honest here, folks: I'm not very skilled at that fine art of courting or at being courted, for that matter. Perhaps there's a book out there that can teach me how not to come across as a complete moron on a first date...? Any pointers would help.

T minus six days until I leave on a jet plane bound for London. Just between my immense audience (ahem) and me, I'm effin' nervous. Let's be honest here, people: I'm not very skilled at that fine art of taking-off without having a nervous breakdown. Perhaps there are drugs out there that can zonk me out for the duration of the six hour flight without making me feel groggy afterwards...? And, by the way, the thought of packing for eight days and then lugging my ginormous suitcase, handbag, and laptop bag from the airport to the hotel is making me wish I had an entourage. Sigh.


Fatima said...


Please dont be the nervousing. keeps the open mind and think of your future. I am sure your parents have the best in their minds for you. Trust them and you will be having a good time. Please dont tell the boy about your vacations or this bog.

Good luck.

Defense Phase 2 Auntie

muhammed ansari said...

an entourage would make life so much more easier, wish i have one as wel. for ur date just take a deep breath and be urself u shd be alryte. and before boarding the plan for london pop a few sleepin pills and u wud be there before u now it lol

bigkahuna said...


Just have fun.
Yup, it's that simple princess. The moment you're NOT having fun, you freeze, you're not relaxed, you're tense, etc.

So have fun.

Back to the trail... Got 4000 doors to knock on before Nov 6. Wanna help????

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ansari and the "Nerd" are truly meant for each other; a girl who has orgasm every time she reads Hemingway and a guy with a knack for making some much needed changed to the English language..."alryte"..."shd"..."wud"...

This would be a date I'd pay to watch!

SabilaK said...

Auntie, Mr. Ansari, and BK: thanks for the words of wisdom.

BK: I'm ready to help you remotely from the east coast. Just tell me what needs to happen!

Anonymous: hate to break any hearts here but my hot date is not with Mr. Ansari. Alas.

SabilaK said...

Oh, and Anonymous, as much as I love Papa Hemingway, it's ol' William Faulkner whose works I find orgasmic. Get it right, yo. This might just show up on another one of my "How Well Do You Know Our Nerddd" quizzes!

Bigkahuna said...

Thought on the travel:
1. Go to your local "travel clinic" (google for it) and check your meds. They will likely be able to give you a script for Ambien. Very mild and you'll be dreaming of Poppa Hemmingway all the way across the pond.

2. Treat yourself to a neck pillow. I like the "bucky" brand myself.

3. I always thought eyeshades make me look like a dork, but it really helps.

4. Noise cancelling headsets or, ear plugs (available at any drugstore).

5. Hydrate.

6. I like to wear comfy warm hiking socks or booties. I know this is too much information - but I take my shoes off on long flights and I wear my goose-down camp booties.

Saady said...
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DC Girl said...

just have fun...


and you are fabulous. he will love you. i'm sure he already does.


and fatima darling..."Please dont tell the boy about your vacations or this b(l)og."


kisses darling.

and you never returned my 'i might be in NYC for Eid' phone call.

Slightly offended am I.


Anonymous said...

Fatima (aka Phase 2 Auntie)-
Auntie jaan - you do realise that Sabila is going on a date wthat was NOT set-up by her mother...amma-sanctioned just means amma knows about it and approves of her dating a gora.

muhammed said...

i'm heart broken thaught i had a chance