Wednesday, July 12, 2006

THE BOYFRIEND: "This Holding Feeling Does Not Accumulate..." says Kameo, the genius Japanese manufacturer behind the Boyfriend Arm Pillow.

Check out the product link:
Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Unless you can read Japanese, translate the page with the help of Babelfish:
Babel Fish

Clearly, a single girl would rather hold onto the man-boob of a severed torso-pillow than sleep alone.


On behalf of single girls everywhere, thank you for the Boyfriend Arm Pillow, Kameo! It's so dreamy!


passion said...

hope July is taking a turn for the better. - A July boy

zee said...

have you ordered already?

Cyberfish said...

my offer to procure one for any who desire still stands

Chris said...

Here's another product along the same lines.

Similar concept. Only creepier.

[] said...

old news yo. besides, didn't you already blog about this a few months ago?