Wednesday, July 05, 2006

JADE: Chapter 6

You guys have waited long enough for the next installment of Jade: The Mystical Power, the zombie thriller I wrote when I was 10. Hopefully, the gruesome blood-spillage and zombie action will start now (as I mentioned before, I'm reading this story as I post it up, chapter by chapter, so I have no idea where it's going).


Zach woke up at 6:30 the next morning. Todd had already left (what? no post-coital cuddling?!).

Zach stood up and walked into the shower. As the warm water sprayed around him, he thought about what had happened the other night (some strange voodoo crap, if you ask me). Right when Sean was about to finish communicating with the "spirit world" (I hate unnecessary quotations), the flashlight had gone out (duh. Tell us something we don't already know Zach). Sean later said he had put new batteries in the flashlight...and that draft of wind, it was a long one...

Later that night, the phone had rang when Zach was fast asleep. It was Sean. He said that when he returned to his room, the flashlight suddenly came on again (you know Zach was all like, "You woke me up to tell me THAT fool? I'm gonna destroy you!"). It was amazing, just amazing. Then the draft of wind had went past him, the same draft they'd felt on the third floor when the flashlight had gone out (stalker wind).

Feeling scared all of a sudden, Zach stepped out of the shower and got ready for school (I bet he didn't even wash behind the ears. Ew.).


Zach met Mike (great, here we go again) and Sean after third period.

"Wow, it's really windy today," said Mike. "Do you think that draft last night was from an open window or something?"

"I've been here the longest and the windows are never opened on the third floor," Sean said.

"And how come the flashlight went out?" Zach asked.

"And then started working again in my room?" Sean asked.

(How many Kettleburg University students does it take to figure out that they've opened the portal to HELL?)

"Why are you guys asking me, now I ain't THAT smart," Mike joked (jerk doesn't know when to stop. WE'RE TALKING THE PORTAL TO HELL...A portal, anyway).

"This ain't funny Mike. I'm serious," Sean said (I'm hoping he's gonna kick Mike's ass on the following page!).

"Sorry," Mike apologized.

"That's more like it," Sean said with a smile on his face. After that, Mike knew Sean was kidding (Dammit! Too bad.).

"Do you still hav the book?" Zach asked.

"No, I returned it about an hour ago," Sean answered (good going. How the hell are you geniuses going to close the portal now. Thanks for bringing upon the apocalypse guys. Your folks'll be proud).

"Did you read more of it before you returned it?" Zach asked.

"No way, it was too spooky, even for me," Sean said.

"You jerk," Zach said. "We could have found out more about the draft (Jeez. If only they knew how much more they have to worry about than the freakin' draft). We could have commuicated with the dead. It would have been fun, you know (wow, this is out of character for Zach)." Zach's blue eyes were looking directly into Sean's.

What had happened? One minute Zach was okay and the next he completely blew up at Sean. His voice was different too, rougher, wilder (AHEM).

"I'm sorry Sean. I guess I completely lost it and blew up on you, ha," Zach said, softly.

(Ah, no shit).

"No problem Zach, I know you're tired. All of us slept really late last night," Sean said.

"Well, I'll see you two later. I have to go to class, " Zach waved and walked away towards one of the large brown buildings.

"Wow, I don't think Zach has been feeling good the last couple of days," Mike said.

"I think so too, and all of us got pretty spooked out last night. Don't worry your head off Mike, he's going to feel better," Sean said.

"But it was like a complete mood swing. Hey, do you think my hair looks allr right," Mike suddenly asked (dipshit).

"Yeah, it looks fine to me," Sean said.

"Maybe I should look at it myself to be sure," and with that Mike pulled out his pocket mirror and a comb and started combing his hair while the two boys walked towards the building (I can't express to you, dear reader, how much I HATE Mike; I can't believe that 10-year-old Sabila was able to create such a contemptible character).


passion said...

that kid picture of u holding up that bear is cute.

zaahir said...

this is absolutely impressive. i didn't know what quotations were until i was like 16. even then i was convinced they were used as sparingly as onomatopoeia.

SabilaK said...

I heart onomatopoeia. Sigh.

SabilaK said...

Get it? Onomatopoeia...sigh!...ahem.
Ahem! Damn, I'm clearly on a roll.

zaahir said...

and i don't think sigh should count. ahem.

SabilaK said...

Sigh so counts. As does argh. And blech.

Anonymous said...

You really need to get over the Jade Saga.

SabilaK said...

Why? Anonymous, you need to reveal yourself if you're going to make statements like that!

SabilaK said...

Crush the heart of a 10-year-old why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess I was being pre-judicial (if that is grammatically correct). It may be just a personal thing, but the vibes I get from "Jade" are not normal. That is why.

I do prefer to remain anonymous though.

SabilaK said...

That's fair because I wasn't a very normal 10-year-old. Naturally, I'd write an abnormal zombie thriller at that age. Naturally.

SabilaK said...

OR maybe the mystical power of Jade has hijacked your soul!