Monday, July 10, 2006

Dear July: An Open Letter (or an open threat??!)

Dear July:
You've given me nothing but suckage this year. You and I are gonna have some serious words if you don't shape up soon.
Why can't you be more like June? You could learn a thing or two about how spectacular months work from June.
Well, you have 21 more, actually, that's 20 days (in a few minutes anyway), to prove that you can be more than a terribly disastrous and poor excuse of a month (A SUMMER MONTH AT THAT!).
If you fail me again, I shall remove you from the will, publicly disown you, and leave everything to June.
I hope we have an understanding.

Anxiously waiting for you to prove yourself,


zee said...

july says "i'm getting out of can say hello to august!"

terra shield said...

I couldn't agree more with July being a sucky month... Here's to a quick ending of the month!

SabilaK said...

August best be good...or else!

zee said...

or else a cold welcome by september to a freezing december!