Monday, July 24, 2006


I was hit with nearly 200 spammers-posing-as-commenters over the weekend. I have now activated the word verification feature on my blog, so that I can weed these automaton bastards out.

Take that jerks (and by "jerks," I actually mean "assholes," but I don't want to sound like a pottymouth or anything).


mist1 said...

Word verification makes me feel retarded. But sometimes it makes a really funny word and I laugh out loud. Yes, like a retard.

Teeth Maestro said...

Keep that word verification on forever its bound to get worse.

Tell me about it, I now have a spam filter and it records upwards of 300 hits a day and with all the spamming going around my spam filter has caught 11000 messages.

Yell all you want but the spamming is bound to get worse.

Mist1 - normal humans are not the retards in this equation its those spam creators that need to be sent to the moon

Anonymous said...

spam creaters should be locked up forever with only cans of spam to feed them...