Monday, July 31, 2006

CHALLENGE: More Adventure, Less Routine

I need to be more adventurous. I have to learn to stop thinking, rethinking, analyzing and dissecting situations. I want to skydive and rockclimb and wander off the beaten path once in a while.


I'm such a creature of habit. I take solace in routine and, frankly, I'm starting to get bored. I've weighed out actions and reactions for long enough. It's time for me to freaking' lighten up.

So, be it hang gliding or skipping a workout session with my trainer, I'm going to try new things and shake the old things up a little (try being the operative word here).

Suggestions are welcome.


Sasha said...

are you a virgo?

i'm like anal-retnetiveness drives *me* crazy sometimes.

My friend described it best::

"Jump out of a plane for once Sashi. Oh wait...before you do that; you have to know what time the plane leaves, who's the pilot, what they'll be serving for lunch, and who else will be on the plane with you and what color parachute you'll be wearing... Nevermind."

I wonder what Freud would have to say about all that?


Anonymous said...

Go to pier 26, they have kyacking in the Hudson River...yea it sounds gross but if you bring a change of clothes you wont smell bad! And it's FREE! They have everything for you all you have to do is sign some papers saying you won't sue them if you die, other than that it's great

[] said...

as my wise master once taught me (right before he used some ancient mambo jambo to get me to paint his fence), don't talking about doing. just do.

then talk about what you did.

Anonymous said...

Here's something you can do to be adventurous.
How about giving one of the millions of guys who hit on you a chance with a date? Poor taxi driver guy's friend.

SabilaK said...

Sasha: I'm a Pisces. My brother is a Virgo, so I know what that's like.
Yah, we need to learn how to just jump out of that bloody plane.

Anonymous: Chelsea Piers used to be my gym back in the day and I fully recall seeing those folks kayaking out in the Hudson. I also have vivid memories of the time I went kayaking with my brothers in the Caribbean. My brother was steering in the back and I was in the front. We nearly kayaked into the paths of oncoming jet skis and INTO our cruise ship. I wouldn't trust myself in the Hudson.

AinA: Them are wise words and right you are. Still, I have to start small. And stop talking and planning about how I'm not going to talk and plan things anymore. This is a challenge, indeed.

Anonymous: Aw shucks. MILLIONS of guys don't hit on me. You're too kind. It's really more like hundreds.
Or not so much.
I dunno. I'm not a dater. I'm more of an observer. When I was young and impressionable, I had the opportunity to sit back and witness the romantic disasters that befell those I love, which made me decide very early on: "Nope. Not for me." Plus I am prone to emotional food poisoning when it comes to the lovey dovey business and everyone knows that too much emotional vomiting/diarrhea leaves one dehydrated and miserable.
I'd rather be alone. And hydrated.

zee said...

august is here! jump, jump, jump around!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to pry, but then how will you meet anyone if you don't really leave yourself open to other people. Unless, you don't want a relationship, which is also totally fine.

SabilaK said...

Anonymous, there's more to life than getting hitched. I refuse to go out of my way, compromise or moon over anyone anymore. I don't have the fortitude to deal with the fallout that accompanies boy-girl bs, so why bother? I'd rather just sit back and laugh at boys. They're strange and funny creatures who shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that any and all potential relationships with Sabilak are a no-go and non-existant; and your poor mother's attempts at pimping you out are a futile endeavour?

SabilaK said...

It just means that I'm not worrying about boys and such things. If something happens, it happens. If I end up not meeting Mr. Right, then I don't meet him. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

On a related note, you should so post a blog about what you believe are the qualities of your Mr. Right.

Anonymous said...

well, it's not that you should be on a desperate search for Mr. Right, that will just get you nowhere. Mooning over boys and getting all gushing is so high school, that wasn't the point at all. I believe that is unnecessary drama to begin with, it's just about finding the right person for you, if that's what you want.

SabilaK said...

Anonymous 1: I suppose I'll know him when I meet him. I don't have a set of qualities that I hold up against a boy.
Anonymous 2: I shrug at the thought of finding Mr. Right. Mr. Rights/ Prince Charmings are the stuff of fiction. Fairytales should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so bitter?

SabilaK said...

Not bitter. Just realistic.

SabilaK said...

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not bitter. It's a shame that women who try to be rational and realistic and not swoony about such matters are immediately assumed to be bitter.

King Talent said...

Hey, live your life by your rules and the heck with everybody else. For my 36th birthday, I jumped out of an airplane ... and I have a terrible fear of heights ... so go find a plane and jump out of it. Trust me, when you're in free-fall, dating is the last thing that'll be on your mind.