Tuesday, June 24, 2008


As I mentioned in the post below, my folks are a little obsessed with Zee TV, the South Asian diaspora's dream of a cable network. Whether it's an old Bollywood flick or a celebrity gossip show detailing the latest scandal in the lives of Indian movie stars, the channel is increasingly becoming a constant presence at home.

Now, I know that many non-South Asians enjoy all things Bollywood because of the kitsch factor (I can't tell you the number of non-South Asian friends who've ended up watching and enjoying Zee TV with my folks at home. "This is what you're always bitchin' about??! BUT THIS IS GREAT!!!!!") but let me tell you, there can be no appreciation of the kitsch when you've grown up surrounded by it. There is nothing but an overwhelming sense of helplessness and frustration when you're subjected to this, this, AND this.

The baby's always cuter when it's not your own, folks. Try changing its diaper five times a day, every single day and trust you me, you won't be able to see beyond the massive heaps of fetid poop.


arataster said...

I'm with you all the way there. Except not living in South Asia, you probably get a limited number of such channels. We back in Pakistan get EACH and EVERY SINGLE one. Which must all, of course, be watched. takes up precious playstation time. Sniff.

psy said...

Gah! I hate ZeeTV. I'm convinced that those weird sci-fi sounds accompanied by the rampant zooming in and out of characters has a hypnotic effect on people rendering them powerless to watch normal crap of their volition.

Gah! ZeeTV.

Anonymous said...

what's your mobile number... hahahahah.

My mom watches Star Plus and SONY TV too.. (Zee TV doesn't come here anymore) along with my 9 year old brother and 4 year old sister who are subjected to every scandalous drama she follows.. so you can imagine the trauma when my four year old sister goes around singing theme songs from "Bidai" and "Ghar something Muhabbat something"..