Monday, June 23, 2008


In one of the more surreal moments of my life, amma and MP sat down together and watched an entire episode of Ek Se BadhKar Ek--one of the many thoroughly annoying programs on an Indian cable network called Zee TV that my parents (like most South Asian, diasporic parents) LOVE--while I flitted in and out of the room, going about my own business.

"Shahrukh Khan is my favorite actor," I heard amma tell him at one point.

"Do you like Salman Khan?" MP asked.

"Yes, he's nice too," she said thoughtfully.

"Though a bit of an alcholic, no?"

MP, as many of you already know, is NOT South Asian.

It was bizarre.


Chitty Cat said...

wowsome :)

how dyu fit in his not-south-asian family ;)

Terra Shield said...

There's something rather adorable about that conversation

SabilaK said...

chitty cat: I'd like to think I fit in quite nicely. What happened to "Trauma Queen," by the way? I loved that name.

terra: they ARE adorable.

realdeal said...

hahaha I wish I was there to see that.
We've started netflixing oldies so that the wife can pick up a bit of the language.
BTW you need to karaoke with his parents.

Sasha said...

Sabila: You would've loved seeing AT doing the dance to the song 'Aaja Maahive' with me.

Very cute.

Chitty Cat said...

yeah - i just got bored of that blogger name. however, my blog name is still traumatic :P

honestly - i started getting into a lot of and i mena a LOT of blog fights. ppl jumpng to conclusions about my personality based on my blogger name. really stupid i know

but i just got a bit bored of constantly defending myself. nbyes - my hti rate has MASSIVELY reduced after i change the name

but - id rather have it this way than have rude comments.