Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Remember this post about a comment from a devoted fan who, along with her devoted fan sister, is trying to solve the mystery of what is MP's real name? Sadly, 7825537, as my anonymous fan-sleuth calls herself, guessed incorrectly that MP's real name is Mike.

Well, she's at it again, and 7825537's latest detective/guesswork has led her to yet another name: Chris. Sorry, darling, but you're incorrect this time too.

A couple of questions for you (and I hope to goodness you have a moment to answer them while you study for your exams): what makes you think that MP has an Anglo-Saxon name? Now, I'm not saying that he doesn't have an Anglo-Saxon name--but, then again, I'm not saying the he does--but I'm curious about how you did manage to narrow it down to Mike initially (which, again, is not MP's name). Also, I can't remember whether or not you mentioned that we know each other in real life. Do we? If we don't, how did you and your sister find my blog? I'm always curious to know how folks stumble across nerd.

On a different note, to all the haters out there: bite me. I frankly don't give a shit about how you found my blog. Thanks.


bigkahuna said...

How do haters claim to have found your blog?

Anonymous Part Deux said...


I love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm hypothesizing that your devoted fan and her sister are using your Facebook friends as the basis of their "Internet research". I think they are picking out the non-desi, males who are not members of the Penguin Group network.
Their next guesses will likely be: Luke and Mickey.

Terra Shield said...

A French name, then? Alas! I'm too old to do stalking these days.

I'm glad you're back. And since you're curious and I am a fan (been reading you since Feb 2006), I found you through the "Next Blog" button :)

(and remembered to book mark it!)

PR said...
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SabilaK said...

BK: good question. I shall ask on Monday!

APD: love you too, sweetheart.

Anon: which Facebook friend are you?

Terra: I know you're one of my very first readers! Plus, I love your blog too (I've linked it, haven't I?)!

pr: is this an imposter or simply a new moniker? Where is this database you're using to find MP's identity? Also, I never said that he doesn't have an anglo-saxon name. Plus, his being a minority wouldn't necessarily mean he doesn't have a non-Anglo name.
I'm sorry I'm making this so much harder for you girls! I bet MP's ears are burning!

7825537 said...

That was me. No.. we don't know each other in real life.