Monday, June 09, 2008

Dear Readers

Dear Readers:

It feels like there aren't very many of you left here (I could find out how many of you have stuck around by clicking on my handy site meter counter but I find the thought as horrifying as stepping onto a weight scale after my birthday dinner. I'd rather not know. Ahem.). I don't blame you. Like chewing gum, old blog posts lose their flavor pretty quickly. What's left is bland, boring, and probably inconducive to blowing bubbles. And what's the damned point if you can't blow bubbles anyway? So, I understand.

Several of you have asked why I went on strike in the first place. The reasons, dear faithful and remaining readers, are legion. Firstly, I am still sans wireless router (I suppose my failure to purchase a replacement wireless router can be chalked up to overwhelming technological sloth). Secondly, I'm totally immersed in purchasing an apartment (this has been over a year in the making, folks). The thought of being a landlord (Me? The Nerd? Surely, you jest!) still makes me nauseous (I think I just vomited Fiber One cereal in my mouth). Buying real estate (especially from a woman who, I'm convinced, is certifiably insane) is time consuming, to say the least.

Finally, I want to set the record straight as far as MP and I go: we're still together. So, for all of you conspiracy theorist out there who thought that the humiliation of MP breaking my poor nerdddy heart is what kept me away from blogging, I suggest it's time you dream up another story. We'll be celebrating our eighth month anniversary on the nineteenth. Booya!

The Nerddd


Anonymous said...

The reason that so many people loved and visted your blog was your very honest and frequent postings that focused on your life, work and relationships.

Since you have not been addressing that and your postings have been very infrequent. you posted 331 times in 2006, 198 times in 2007 and only 56 times so far this year.

If you upped to postings and were more open on whats going on in your life. More folks would want to tune in.

Lastly, i dont know if you have any interest, but you should add google adsense. Its really easy and with your blog you could probably make a few bucks. No i dont work for google.



Cyberfish said...

wow. you have conspiracy theorists.