Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MP DOESN'T COMMENT HERE ANYMORE: An Argument Averted Because I'm so Easy Going

Nerddd: My blog isn't the same without your comments. Why have you stopped commenting, anyway?

MP: Actually, darling, what most of your readers who witnessed our very public courtship on Revenge of the Nerddd probably don't realize is that I'm an inherently private person. I don't usually leave comments on blogs. As you've probably noticed, I am, for the most part, very quiet on Facebook as well. When was the last time I Facebook'd? I can't even remember!

Nerddd: But you left comments on my blog. What was that: temporary exhibitionism?

MP: It was the only way I could talk to you. Why should I comment on my blog when I can just see you in person? If I need to say something in response to a particular post, I just pick up my phone. I'd much rather communicate with you one on one in real life than over the internet.

Nerddd: But my readers miss you.

MP: Come, come. I don't think any of your readers notice or care about my absence from the comment's section.

Nerddd: You know what I think? You're embarrassed to leave comments because most of your friends read my blog now. You want to maintain this too-cool-to-read-and-comment-on-blogs image of yours at the expense of our blog relationship.

MP: That's not true! (insert very long and convoluted explanation of why MP refuses to comment on my blog here; explanation may or may not have something to do with his Canadian roots, his love of hiking and the outdoors, his very busy schedule, and brie (unfortunately, I tuned out at "That's not true!")) So, in closing, I don't comment on anyone's blog.

Nerddd: Are we fighting? (it should be noted that what I actually wanted to say was "But I'm not just anyone. I'm your girlfriend!")

MP: I'm not sure. Maybe.

Nerddd: No, no. You are a private person and would rather not comment on my blog anymore. We're not fighting. Oh my God! You won't believe what happened on Mystery Diagnosis last night! I have three words for you: cerebrospinal fluid leak!

Gosh, I'm so easy going (plus, I didn't want our first fight to be over my blog)! I may very well be the embodiment of easy going. I'm so easy going that Hawaiian surfer types look at me and say "Damn, that chick's easy going."


Sasha said...

Him: *making fun of bollywood song, sounding like a camel*
Me: *says to self* Keep smiling. Keep smiling. If you keep smiling, he won't realize that you are being confrontational and you two won't get in a fight.
Me: Babe?
Him: Yes?
Me: Is that what I sound like to you when I speak Urdu?
Him: No babe. You sound more arabic and all, just the songs, it all sounds the same.
Me: *keeps smug smile on face while he explains without realizing that I am actually a little peeved*
Me: Oh ok.
Him: Come here. Lets watch this movie.
Me: Okay.
Us: *cuddle on couch*


Dear Men:

Please stop thinking that us women are emo and start fights. We are VERY easy-going and take proactive steps to AVOID fights. Its just when you all drive us OVER THE EDGE is when you see that side.



Chitty Cat said...



i think MOST nice men don't post comments. none of my bf's ever have. would mail me about it or call and all that.

nice guys can't sing, dance, or post comments


Sasha said...

i agree. mine can't dance, can't sing and i have to write on his wall on FB first for him to even consider saying something ...

*mental eye-roll*

Gotta love him!

YES I do. That's what I love about him...along with a zillion other reasons.