Thursday, June 12, 2008


Reasons why I'm on the verge of breaking into a fresh new set of hives:

1) My new mortage broker is only slight more competent than my former mortgage broker;
2) my new mortgage broker's incompetence makes me a crazy, inarticulate, drivelling fool, who can't get across a single point or grievance;
3) I have to read through reams of documents before I sign my finances away to the hungry, hungry home gods;
4) I have to drive down to some godforsaken place called Clark, New Jersey to sit down with my incompetent broker because she's too goddamn distracted and incompetent to make sense to me on the phone;
5) I don't drive;
6) there's no good mode of public transportation going to godforsaken places like Clark;
7) and as always, I'm the "let's-buy-dad-(insert electronic device of your choice here)-for-Father's-Day" coordinator, which means I have to trek down to the store after work tonight and purchase the gift we've decided on for my dad.


Anonymous Part Deux said...

I think I'm allergic to my boyfriend.


7825537 said...

Is it Chris?

(I'm sorry, exams hindered stalking progress).

Hope you are doing well, and still not freaking out ^^.

Thank you for resuming blogging. It adds to the fuel.

Er.. you don't want to know what its made up of. I'm not even sure what the fuel is, exactly.

Anonymous said...

you are one stupid self obsessed woman. All dicks read your blog because of your looks and they want a piece of it. Too bad MP got all of it, from everywhere.

Anonymous Part Deux said...

Dear Anonymous:

You are also reading her blog AND commenting on it.


Please apply what you wrote about everyone to yourself also.