Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FIBER ONE: A Follow-Up or I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Dear Fiber One cereal:

I craved you all day yesterday and then all night and, despite what I said in my previous post, I will have you for breakfast this morning. Rest assured, I will never combine you with other cereals in the hopes of shaking things up or making breakfast more exciting. Who needs change? You make healthy delicious and you keep me regular. That's good enough for me. Yes, somedays I wish I knew how to quit you but I'm now beginning to realize that this is a lifelong affair and I'd be lost without you.

The Nerddd

ps: Do you think you can convince your people to make me your offical spokesperson or, at least, give me a lifetime supply of you. It only makes sense, seeing that I'm your biggest fan and all. And a lifetime supply would really help this lifelong affair. I'm just saying.

pps: Can I borrow a $10?


Cyberfish said...

As crazy as this sounds you have no idea how much this post helped me out. Strange how we find inspiration in the strangest places.

SabilaK said...

Dear Cyberfish:

You must explain.

Cyberfish said...

I've been wracking my brain on a branding campaign for a NY Production company for weeks. I did everything from 3dCGI to 3DFlash, and they hated everything. Then I saw this post and got the idea to "package" their offerings just like a box of cereal. They loved it. I start their project in 3 days.