Thursday, January 10, 2008


UGH is the word for today, kittens. Since I haven't had a second to post until just now--and, literally, all I have are a few scattered seconds--I leave you to first ponder and then advise me about which is a better gift (of love, really) for your Nerddd to accept:

1) tickets to the MLB All-Star game at Yankees Stadium this July or
2) super pricey combo of shoes and/or handbags (of my choice, of course)

I've pretty much made up my mind but am curious to hear back from you about which of the two alternatives you think would be better suited for moi.


The Nerddd


Sasha said...

both. that way you two can enjoy the game and he can enjoy staring at you when you wear the heels and handbags with the perfect outfit.

why choose between the two?

you deserve it all.


like that was even a question?!

*raises eyebrow at MP*

sadoinnj said...

the first. its your last chance to be in yankee stadium for such an auspicious occasion. bags and shoes you can get anytime.

Amir said...

I say go with no.1 and then promptly gift them to me. Thanks in advance. Hope you are having a good one.

francesca said...

I know which one I'd pick... but I'm guessing you'll choose the ballgame since you love baseball and would have a great experience to share with your beau.