Monday, January 07, 2008


So, on Friday night, as MP and I approach the music club/restaurant/bar where his friend's band is performing, I notice a family--mom, dad, two little girls--sitting at a window table, staring at me. They look so happy to see me (we're talking joyous here, folks) that I look behind myself several times in order to confirm that their joy is, in fact, directed towards me. As we approach closer to the restaurant, the little girls actually start waving at me. Clearly, they're not turned off at all by the quizzical expression on my face. They're beaming. The entire family's beaming!

Of course, MP totally misses this display of unadulterated adoration and I suspect the source of their love for me will have to remain a mystery.


SabilaK said...

Hey, anonymous asshole from Montreal, just deleted your comment.

Sasha said...

maybe the whole family was into it.

"Hey guys!!! Lets wave at the person who walks by pretending like we know him/her and see what they say."


Asshole from Montreal = you SUCK for being rude.