Monday, January 28, 2008

MP: The Reasons He's Swell

1) He carries my ginormous bag for me whenever we're together;
2) he tells me arrêt (stop in French) whenever I, like the girl that I am, bitch about having put on weight;
3) he serenades me with songs from his punk-Canadian youth;
4) he calls my parents amma and abu;
5) he tells me that mine are the most beautiful eyes he's ever seen;
6) he confessed to having a list of restaurants that he wanted to take me to within our first month together;
7) he thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am;
8) he read my blog for a year before we met;
9) he finds my neuroses charming;
10) he will carry my bag and my coat without complaining while I shop;
11) he will tell me when something I try on in a store looks like ass;
12) he's such an unwaveringly loyal friend to his friends;
13) he finds NYC winters balmy and while I'm shivering in my multiple layers of clothing, he walks alongside me sans gloves, hat, or scarf with his coat unbuttoned;
14) he was a good sport and answered all of my open letter queries when we first met on my blog;
15) when I commented "I think you like me" on our first date, he replied, "Like you? I adore you";
16) he loves literature;
17) he is the best listener I've ever met;
18) he's happy to spend the day with my family;
19) while I'm braindead on anything less than seven hours of sleep or anytime after 11PM, MP's work schedule often demands that he function on three hours of, he's always ready to go out and mingle afterwards...AMAZING!;
20) he's one of the most intelligent people I know yet he's so unassuming about it;
21) I don't think I've ever met anyone as laid back and zen.

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Sasha said...

Good that you two can still stand one another.

I LOVE YOU MP...especially for putting up with her idiosyncrasies.

and now I'm going to take a walk by the US Capitol since today is George's State of the Union address in hopes that one hot SS man will fancy me. That place will be buzzing with hotness today.


I'm actually going to end up at a Starbucks finishing the rest of that Eat Pray Love book you sent me...

Speaking of...I need to send one to my friend.


I love you and MP.
I hate men right now.
I love your commenters.
I hate the haters here.
I am in a rut.

I know.


Francesca said...

All truly sterling qualities, and I like number 15 best of all.

Hyderabi Ami said...

When this ends your readers expect a 22 item list of how much of an ass MP is.

Anonymous said...

you forgot that he tolerates your nutty friends with a smile on his face. that's important too...


Sasha said...

yes rachel--

double swell to that!

bigkahuna said...

"ginormous bag"
I'm wondering if you wander the streets of NYC with a backpack.....

Trauma Queen said...

wow - glad to know ur so happy - now this is what i call a v day special post - every day is v days!

Trauma Queen said...

err - ur first date link takes u to nowhere :S

perhaps u should try labels?