Thursday, January 03, 2008


The MPs are lovely and, with our first meeting going so well, my frayed nerves have finally settled down by the time we get to the end of our meal. I'm so relieved that I can feel myself beaming. I throw my head back and laugh easily. I hold MP's hand. This is wonderful, I think to myself. THIS IS WONDERFUL!

And then we have dessert.

Dessert is a rice pancake drenched in a sticky sweet red bean sauce.
It's chewy. Chewy being one of my favorite consistencies, I chew and chew happily... that is until I'm chewing on my temporary crown.

My heart drops into my lap. The recently-calmed nerves threaten to sputter again. My palm becomes damp in MP's hand and the rice cake is a lump in my throat.

With a tight-lipped smile frozen on my face, I, ever so gracefully (and pretty damned miraculously), spit the temporary crown out of the corner of my mouth and drop it into my coat pocket.

No one notices.
Disaster averted.


bigkahuna said...

Any guy would be lucky to find a woman who can eat sticky rice cake and keep her crown!

Hope your New Year was spectacular and 2008 is nothin' but great for Mlle Nerddd!

francesca said...

Happy New Year and glad it all went well with la famille MP.

Temporary crowns are a pain.

Did DC girl ever get back from Pakistan? What a time to be there.

Sasha said...

hello francesca. thank you for asking about me. i got back 2 days ago. yes it was crazy to be there. we were caught in the riots while out shopping. i wrote about it and my article made it to the front page of the detroit free press. woo hoo. here is the link...

Sasha said...

hmmmm. isn't working.... the detroit free press article titled: Former MSU student safe with family amid turmoil in Karachi