Sunday, June 11, 2006


I received a frantic phone call from my brother at circa 8:30, telling me to come downstairs to the parking lot asap, that the kitten had returned. I ran downstairs. The kitten (photo TK) was adorable, approximately 4-5 weeks old and meowing to the high heavens, demanding food. We tiptoed and whispered around it in the darkness. I placed a canful of catfood in the kitty carrier that K had left with us and placed the carrier by the blue Toyota of which the kitten seemed so fond.

Drawn to the oceanfish variety of canned cat food, the kitten approached the carrier slowly, crouched low to the ground. It eyed us for a moment before proceeding to examine the carrier, trying to figure out how to get inside. Then it gingerly stepped inside the carrier. Holding my breath, I waited until I saw the last bit of its tail float into the carrier and, slowly, I approached it. Swooping down, I threw the door closed and almost had it but the kitten managed to push past the door and, before I knew it, it was on the other side of the fence, meowing vexedly.

My heart was ready to explode and, honestly, I was on the verge of an anxiety attack at this point. I hadn't realized just how young this kitten was and now that it was outside the lot, I felt afraid for its safety. My brother asked me to pull myself back from the anxiety attack that I was on the verge of and I had to double over for a little while and take in some deep breaths.

"Okay, now, when the kitten goes inside the cage, throw the blanket in"--the carrier came with a little blue blanket--"pick up the cage at an angle and shut the door," my brother instructed.

I nodded and, after repositioning the carrier and waiting for several anxious minutes, we heard the kitten's meows again and, soon, it was peeking out from behind the blue Toyota's tire. This time, it made its way swiftly to the carrier and I tiptoed over even though her tail was still poking out of the door. Following my brother's instructions, I managed to trap the kitten! Success!

So, now the kitten, whom I will recommend be called Sophie if it's a girl and Sebastian if it's a boy is in the kitty carrier at my brother's place. At first the poor thing was shaking in its boots, it was so scared but pretty soon, I was feeding it cat food with a plastic fork through the carrier door and it ate enthusiastically. If either my brother or I stepped out of the living room, Sophie/Sebastian would cry out for us!

Anyway, as much as I'd love to keep the little gal/guy, my Zanadune would not be happy at the arrangement and will surely eat her new friend. Plus, throwing a new cat into my household would probably kill me (remember, I'm allergic). My oldest brother can't keep the kitty because he, too, is allergic and my other brother (the one who helped me rescue the cat) might also be allergic and doesn't think he can take on the responsibility of adopting a cat.

Sophie/Sebastian is spending the night at my brother's place and tomorrow will be delivered to Dorothy, a cat rescuer who lives in the building next door to ours. I will help Dorothy find a home for the kitten, so if anyone's interested, contact me. I'll post up pics I've taken of the kitty soon. The kitten's precious.

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