Monday, June 05, 2006


I'd like to chuck the following pick-up line right into the "things best expunged from memory" wastebasket:

"I can make you number 96, baby..."

Pardon me.
Your Nerd.

Clearly, more guys need to read the following book:


passion said...

Flossing is such a chore.. Agreed.
I hate it as much as u if not more.

Anonymous said...

which book?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how guys think lines like that would actually give them a positive result!!!

Sasha said...

my personal favorite is::

"Hey Princess Jasmine, what do you say you and me go for a magic carpet ride?"

Anonymous said...

Actually, the classic book is "You're So Fine, I'd Drink a Tub of Your Bathwater: Over 500 No-Fail Pickup Lines That Work on the Bus, in the Bar, in the Neighborhood Store"