Tuesday, June 27, 2006

JADE: Chapter 5

So, 10 year old SabilaK spent a lot of time setting up the story and introducing the characters in the first four chapters but, rest assured, the action (as well as the "spookiness"--young SabilaK's favorite word) begins in Chapter 5 of Jade.

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Chapter 5

It was 11:50 and Zach and Todd were ready to leave. They had to go to Michael's room to get to the third floor (why?).

Todd followed Zach, singing a song to himself, loud enough to be heard in China (gosh, this is so 10 years old of me).

"Todd, will you shut up?" Zach whispered angrily to Todd.

"Don't blow up, cause I ain't gonna sing anymore," Todd said (Todd's so stoner chill; I really hope I don't kill him off).

They finally reached Michael's room and tiptoed upstairs (Michael's apparently living in a duplex). They reached the third floor to find Michael, Jim and Earnest.

"Hi guys," Zach greeted. "Where's Sean?"

"Sean is waiting for the girls from Lakewood and, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, he's bringing Scott Johnson along," Mike said (it's apparent that I'm just throwing in random characters to be killed off by zombies at this point...like a zombie version of Dynasty Warriors, with the zombies killing large quantities of Kettleburg U students).

Suddenly, the five boys heard something.

"Let's hide," Zach ordered.

Everyone scrambled to hide somewhere.

They heard footsteps followed by a door opening.

"Guys, it's us. Sean and Scott," they heard Sean's nervous voice.

"I knew it was you guys all along," Mike said smartly, as he got up from behind a large box (punk).

"Sure you did," Zach said, plainly (clearly, the Nerd was a fan of the adverb back in the day) annoyed.

"Well, I brought Scott, the book, chips, beer, and girls (doesn't all of this sound like a Budweiser commercial?). There were six girls standing behind Sean and Scott. "Guys, this is Betty, Jessica, Mary, Karen, Wendy and Elizabeth (Jesus. I'm imagining the requisite big breasted women in demure cardigans and poodle skirts).

"Sean, why is it so dark? Aren't there going to be any lights?" Betty asked (I imagine her already clinging to Sean's arm).

"Sure Betty. We have a flashlight," Sean answered (what an asshole).

"Hey, let's pass out the beer," Mike suggested.

"I don't drink," Zach said as Mike came towards him with a beer (Mike should know better than to offer his childhood friend who happens to be a teetotaler a beer).

Mike didn't answer and just walked away (jerk knows he doesn't drink! He's gonna act all pissy and disappointed now. Shoo!). Zach could see he was angry.

"Sit down everyone. Sit down as I read from this book...ah...," Sean started, "...Jade, the Mystical Power." He turned on the flashlight and began to read. "Jade was a power used ten thousand years ago to communicate with the spirit world, the world of the dead. It was named after a peasant girl. Her name was Jade (...since Jade was such a popular name among peasant girls at the end of the Ice Age...).

"How did they communicate?" Scott asked.

"Let me see," Sean said, turning the pages. "Here we are. It says everyone has to sit in a circle. Now, join hands and repeat after me: Dono apros aloo shanpar."

"Dono apros aloo shanpar," everyone repeated.

"Donts, carpon, lartusee, menk, sha--" the flashlight went out before Sean could finish (spoooooky). "There's something wrong with this thing," he complained.

Suddenly, a draft blew through the room.

"Ah, listen guys, we have to go and er...ah, study," Mary said nervously and before the guys could say anything, the girls quickly got up and left (I was so wrong about the floozies from Lakewood. They're not floozies at all. They may just be the most intelligent token big-breasted girls--if not the most intelligent characters, period--in a scary movie/story/novel. I was very obviously a feminist at 10).

All of the boys, except for Zach, started shouting at each other, arguing (about what exactly?). Zach sat back and stared at them innocently.

Michael turned around and looked at Zach. "I don't drink. Just give me milk in a bottle," he said, imitating Zach (seriously Mike, you punk, freakin' get over it already).

"Come on you guys, let's get back to our rooms, cause it's not anyone's fault those girls left. It's their fault. They don't know how to have any fun," Sean said.

"Yeah! That's right. It's THEIR fault," Mike said like a little boy (more like a despicable git).

They all returned to their dorm rooms and went to sleep.

(Okay, so there really wasn't any action in this chapter, after all...but I promise it's coming!)

*End of Chapter 5

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