Monday, June 12, 2006


So, I was summoned to my brother's place at 5:30 this morning (yes, you read that correctly...5:30AM) because Sophie/Sebastian had cried all night, keeping S, my brother, up. S tried to calm the kitten down for hours and hours: he fed it more food, reasoned with it, even turned on the radio for it, but nothing worked. S finally decided to let the kitten loose in the bathroom, but it just ran around, crying and distressed. When I got to his place, Sophie/Sebastian was still meowing heartbreakingly. Sitting down on the bathroom floor, I picked up the kitten, wrapped it up in my sweater and held it in my arms. Sure enough, it stopped crying and started kneading my sweater. Kittens knead upon receiving a signal from their mother that she is ready to suckle. When kneading, a kitten is using its paws to draw out milk.

Clearly, Sophie/Sebastian had been crying for its mother the entire time.

Anyway, we let the kitten run around my brother's bedroom and, eventually, relinquished it to Dorothy, the cat rescuer who lives in the building next door to us. According to S, Dorothy runs a no-kill cat shelter by the Liberty Science Center and was thrilled to have this new kitten to foster. Plus, she's agreed to call it Sophie/Sebastian (depending on the gender, of course).

I'm still awaiting pics of the kitten from S and will post them up as soon as I have them. Anyone interested in adopting the little girl/guy?

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