Sunday, June 25, 2006

JADE: Chapter 4

The Nerd's 17 year old story continues with chapter 4...

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Mike entered his dorm room. "Hey Jim," he called out to his roommate, Jim Dawson.

"Yes, Mike?" Jim asked in a low voice.

"Do you want to come with us to the third floor at midnight tonight?" Mike asked. "Sean is going to bring some girls from Lakewood and we are going to read a spooky book."

"I don't know Mike..." Jim said.

(C'mon Mike, pull the Nick card, pull the Nick card!) "Jim, you HAVE to come tonight, OKAY?" Mike said.

"Well, all right," Jim answered (wow, that didn't take much convincing. Clearly, Jim is a wuss).

Jim's family was in the construction business. Even though he was filthy rich, Jim didn't brag about his fortunes (a filthy rich wuss then. Apparently, one has to be a multi-millionaire to attend Kettleburg University, the all-boy's prep college. Where are the scholarship students, dammit?).

"What time do we hav to go?" Jim asked (someone needs to tell Jim that he doesn't HAVE to do anything. What a sad sack).

"Twelve midnight," Mike answered.

"Who's going to be there?"

"Sean, Todd, Zach, you, me and five or six girls."

"Can I ask Earnest to come too?" Jim asked (Jim is becoming lankier and more acne-ridden as I continue reading this chapter).

"Sure Jim," Mike answered.

Jim quickly dialed Earnest Pokamen's number. Earnest was Jim's best friend and a nerd like Jim. With his thick glasses and ugly clothes no one could believe that Earnest was the youngest son of Dan Pokamen, the owner of a chain of health clubs, who also had a perfect built (WHY is everyone a bloody millionaire???)!

"Earnest said he will come too," Jim said after haning up the phone.

"That's fine Jim," Mike said (since when has Mike been a man of such few words? He probably thinks he's too good for Jim. Jerk).

"You have to help me pick out my clothes for tonight," Jim continued (how Queer Eye for the Geek Guy).


Sean Robinson called up the last girl on his list, Betty (but is anyone called Betty anymore; like Bruce, it's a dead name), who said she would be glad to meet up if she could bring two of her friends with her. There were a total of six girls coming.

Finally he asked his roommate Scott Johnson if he would like to come along.

"Sure thing," Scott said (wow, the third floor spells P-A-R-T-Y for these sad losers).

Sean looked at his watch. It was 8:00 PM, exactly four hours to go to the third floor.

*end of chapter 4


terra shield said...

continuation from chapter 3 comment section:

Yeah, i read your story with interest, most probably due to the fact that i wrote some stuff back then too... and left them half way. Funny thing is, I had intentions on putting them up in my blog, but never did (yet) :)

terra shield said...
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SabilaK said...

You should Anusha! I don't want to be the only one posting up terrible zombie thrillers!
...I'm guessing yours isn't a terrible zombie thriller...