Tuesday, August 15, 2006


What the eff am I getting myself into?

Mom: Sabila, email five or six recent pictures of yourself to your dad.
Nerd: Um, why?
Mom: Your cousin X called from Florida. He knows quite a few Pakistani families that are looking for girls.
Nerd: Um, why?
Mom: Sabila. Stop joking around.
Nerd: I thought you were going to look for boys in the tri-state area, amma. Florida isn't in the area.
Mom(talking to the ceiling): There she goes again, jinxing herself even before we've started.
Nerd: How am I jinxing myself? Florida isn't New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. It's a fact, not a jinx!
Mom: Just be grateful for the proposals you get.
Nerd: I'm not wasting time emailing strangers. I want to meet them.
Mom: And you'll meet them.
Nerd: I feel like a piece of meat...and I'm a freakin' vegetarian, which makes it even more awful.
Mom: That's something that I don't want you to mention on your first meeting with any boy!
Nerd: Ugh.

I'm thinking I'll just email the link to my profile on Friendster to my dad.
This is such bs.


mist1 said...

I wish my parents would marry me off. I'd like someone to do all the legwork for me. But, I'm lazy.

The Brown Girl said...

Do you think maybe we're overthinking this whole marriage thing?

It cant be all that it seems cracked up to be if the majority of those married wish they werent.

I suppose Im one of the lucky ones, to still be able to be only accountable and responsible for me.

SabilaK said...

I'm underthinking this whole marriage thing. I really don't care so much about it.

King Talent said...

Yup ... sounds like you're meat. They're in Florida! Meat spoils if you ship it to Florida ... there's your excuse. Be grateful for the proposals you get ... and be grateful every day for not getting hit by a bus.

Zee said...

tell your mum you can't be far from her...get all touch feely..it will work!

Anonymous said...


I would totally snatch you off the meat (oops! i meant veggie :) ) market.....if only my son was a little older...or atleast pottie trained! :)

p.s. make sure u find someone who matches your wit. don't give in to those cabbies now! (no offense- i love cabbies) *(uff! you need a disclaimer on everything thesedays!)*


Sasha said...

this is why i'm so glad i live on the other side of the continent from my parents...they are more obsessed about this topic when I'm around them than when I'm not...

considered moving out to another state Sabila?


Abstracting Silliness said...

my sympathies

SabilaK said...

Mist: Trust me, it's not fun.

KingTalent: I'll see how far that excuse takes me.

Zee: I'll see how far that takes me.

Kinza: I suspect marriage is a lot like babysitting.

Sasha: A move to the other side of the planet would only make my mom more determined to marry me off. Of this, I'm certain.

AS: Thanks. Sigh.