Saturday, August 12, 2006


I was leaning against one of the columns on the platform of the Christopher Street PATH Station last night, waiting for my train to show its tired face and take me home when, as is usually the case when its late(ish--it was actually only 9:30PM) and one is tired, the other train--Hoboken--barrelled in. So, I remained resting against the column and momentarily contemplated fishing out the weatherworn galley I've been reading for the past month from my bag but, deciding that my bag was too busy to navigate in my state, I gave up even before I started. A little bit bored, I happened to glance into the PATH car standing next to me and a tall, good looking man seated between a much older woman, who might have been his mother, and another guy, who looked like he could have been his brother caught my attention. The following exchange ensued between the four of us entirely in mime:

Good looking man: Hey, baby, wanna join us?
Me: No, not my train.
Older woman: This guy's crazy. Don't trust him at all. He's a ladykiller, I tell 'ya, a ladykiller!
Good looking man: C'mon. It's a train. It'll take you somewhere.
Me: No, no.
Brother: You sure you don't want to join us? Because my brother would like it very much if you could.
Good looking man: I tried.
Me: Alas.
Good looking man: You're hot.
Mom: I think he likes you.
Me: Too bad I'm on the platform and you're in the wrong train.
Good looking man: I know. Sucks.
Me: So is life.
Brother: Man, I'm tired. Are you sure you don't want to take this train?
Me: Yah, sorry guys.
Good looking man: Why don't you call me?
Mom: You should call him.
Me: No, no. YOU call ME.
Good looking man: I will. You have my heart (holding his heart).
Me: Byeeee (blowing them a kiss)!
Good looking man: Bye (blowing me a kiss)!
Mom: Bye (waving)!
Brother: Bye (waving)!


zee said...

are you beautiful?

Anonymous said...

What you should be asking, Zee, is: "Are you HOT?" ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nerd, I am not sure if you are hot or not but I like your blog.

Anhow I had a mime conversation with my pyscho ex-girlfriend who tried to poison me after she cheated on me for 9 months. It kind of went like this:

NerdMoney(ME): "You cheated on me for 9 months and tried to kill me, do you think you could say sorry"

Mist1: "I can't talk I have to go"

Here's the story

shirley said...

Tag you're it!

Maritza said...

Heartwarming in a creepy way. Good comebacks from you and it could have been an original way to pick up a girl, but the creep-o-meter shot to red when the "mother" piped in.

SabilaK said...

Zee: The guy might've been eniabriated for all I know...or even worse, he may have been from the midwest. So, who knows, really.

Anonymous: Right you are.

Anonymous: Mist doesn't seem to be a poisoning sort. Perhaps you're mistaken, whoever you are...

Shirley: Will do from PC tomorrow. Stupid Safari doesn't support links on blogger. Sucks ass. But I heart books!

Maritza: Yah, the more I think about them, the less cute and more strange the family becomes.

Zee said...

you are far too modest to admit your beauty?

mAn[S]o0r said...

lol! what kind of people do you get there!!!!??!

funny :P

mAn[S]o0r said...

oh.. btw.. did u give ur number? n how??