Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So, as many of you know, a dangerous, blistering heat has blanketed the eastern half of the nation. Yesterday was bad but today is IMPOSSIBLE. The temperature is expected to reach 100 degrees F, while the heat index will be as high as 115 degrees in areas. Oppressive and ugly, this heat wave is a tyrant. It was overwhelming on my way in and by the time I finally reached my office, I felt like I'd been stripped of my energy. Of course, now my office is freezing and I've had to throw on a sweater.

What upsets me is seeing people who aren't dressed weather appropriately. There's this one woman at work who wears woolen pantsuits with long sleeved button-down shirts in the dead of summer, which I just don't understand. Even when she wears skirst, she insists on wearing skirts made of wool with pantyhose. Looking at her makes me uncomfortable.

To each his (or her) own, I suppose (but I still don't get it). Who am I to judge, eh?

Anyway, August has been good so far, in spite of the heat wave. My right knee, which had a geriatric moment that lingered over most of July, is healed and I ran for the first time in weeks yesterday. I'm dressed weather appropriately, which makes me very happy. My friend just text messaged me from the doctor's office, informing me that a kid in the waiting room, who doesn't look to be more than six-years-old is reading Hemingway's The Snows of Kilimanjaro. This last piece of news makes me ecstatically giddy. I love lit. prodigies. They are, most certainly, my favorite kind.

Happy heatwave everybody!


[] said...

pansies. i live in texas. we get heatwaves worse than that all the time.

we call them...summer.

as a person of the desert, i'll take 100 degree heat over frigid cold.

at least you get to see more skin on chicks. and that alone is worth buckets of sweat.

passion said...

I hate this global warming stuff; I want my polar ice caps for the good of everybody :)

thethinker said...

I agree with adventures.
Living in Texas makes me used to this kinda heat. Although I'm not happy with it, I get used to it.

SabilaK said...

AinA and Thinker: I'm not really complaining. It's not so bad. At least I'm getting a nice tan.

Anusha: I hate global warming too! It's happening faster than scientists had previously predicted; polar bears are becoming cannibals! Everything's effed.

Cal said...

Cmon, I live in Australia, we're in the middle of a bloody nucleur winter at the moment but our summers...well, for us, every summer is a heat wave. We hit those temperatues and above in December/January. We are all having a good laugh at America at the moment, complaining bout the heat! Pfft, we just turn our air conditioning up or go for a swim!