Wednesday, August 16, 2006


...and it was gross. It was very, very, very gross.

So's my life.


I'm not going to go into the details of the surprise incestuous proposal--all I'm going to say is that it happened earlier this year, while I was vacationing in the motherland with the family. It certainly was not cool. Instead, it ranks amongst the most bizarre experiences of my life.

In all fairness, I realize that marriages between cousins are accepted and even encouraged in many cultures. Additionally, research conducted only a few years ago--and discussed in a front-page New York Times article--revealed that the chances of first cousins having offspring with birth defects are only minimally higher than those of biologically unrelated parents; ultimately, there is no biological reason to discourage cousin marriages.

All that being said, may none of you ever have to dodge the advances of a lovesick first cousin because the heebijeebies such situations inspire are downright debilitating.



terra shield said...

In this age and time? It used to be such a long time ago to protect family property, but... Yikes!

I thought that those practices were done away with. Poor you!

Zee said...

over 50% of brit pakis are married to 1st cuzin's..60% Saudis married to 1st/2nd cuzin's

mist1 said...

This is popular in the Southern U.S. where I live with my cousin.


Maritza said...

How timely! I thought it was cute that my new tenants looked alike. Married couples start looking the same, blah blah. She invites me over and I see photos of the family. Not only are they cousins, they grew up together which makes it even ickier!!

SabilaK said...

Anusha: Nope. They're still alive and kicking.

Zee: Seriously?! Those numbers are way higher than I'd ever imagined!

Mist: Phew.

Maritza: Are they Pakistani or Indian?