Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Au revoir kittens.

I'll be "roughing it" in Maine for the next several days. Now, I hope that this "roughing it" involves lots of air conditioning, eating, destressing, unwinding, and strolling on paved surfaces; I must say, however, that after Google-imaging the land of lobster ice cream, vast forests, and lighthouses, I might just end up "hiking" rather happily, bum leg-hip-bum and everything!

Talk to you guys soon!

The Nerddd

ps: Don't forget to leave comments that I can read upon my return (...or from the hotel...). Kisses.

pps: Madlibbin' Parasailer, hath thou become bored of this Nerddd?

ppps: You guys should really talk among yourselves in your comments. That would be awesome. Who's brave enough to get start off a conversation?


Anonymous said...

beta. please do not do haram activities with the ghora boy that your parents have foolishly allowed you to go on vacations with. We dont fit with these people. Hopefully you will realize this and find a nice desi boy.

bigkahuna said...

so the thing I would like to know:
Having never been to that part of the country - what is the price of lobster? How much can our darling Nerddd consume in a single sitting?
What is the best way to enjoy said delectables in Maine?
I need a napkin, my mouth is gettin' all dribbly....

kinza said...

How many times did our Nerddd have to parallel park? Did you have to ask the locals to help with that at any point?

madlibbin' parasailer said...


“Please do not engage in harem activities with the ghora boy”

Possibly the quote of the week. However, for all who have been following this blog with any regularity, I think we all suspect that SabilaK is more likely to engage in “nerdy” activities with the ghora boy, (with the exception, of course, of playing dirty madlibs, which I suspect she will be doing while taking off and landing in order to “take the edge off” (i.e. the rougher the take-off, the dirtier the madlibbin’)). How I hope if she and I ever go on vacation together that the takeoff/landings are a bit rough (but safe)!


If anything, I am shocked, outraged, and saddened by your suspicion that I would be shocked, outraged, and saddened by your aversion to "roughing it”! On the contrary, I am very much looking forward to what will no doubt be your very colorful stories of “roughing it” (i.e. I can see it now - in your next installment of “animal rescue,” you will describe how you singlehandedly were able to save an entire family of lobster from the clutches of the maniacal ghora boy after he forces you to visit the unsuspecting lobster hatchery). I too, am easily amused.

The fact that these comments are beginning to appear means that you have landed safely in Maine! Congratulations and have a wonderful, glute-untightening, hip-restoring, 19-month-of-stress-dissolving, appetite-satisfying, Stephen-King-spotting, lobster-rescuing, SabilaK-style-roughing-it, dirty-dirty-dirty-madlibbin’ vacation!!


bigkahuna said...

I get a kick out of Anon saying "Haram" and MP saying "Harem"...

One could also deduce that doing the haram/harem activities with a *DESI* boy would be OK. Ghoras are too, well, ghora... ;-)

(sorry, had to take a 3 minute break to laugh my @$$ off!)

But I will admit that I am disappointed that Nerdd "roughing" it means 3 stars...

DC Girl said...

I joined a DC kickball team tonight. Last time I played kickball was the 6th grade. Can't wait!


have fun on your vacation. don't do anything I *would* do.

Terra Shield said...

I hope you have fun 'roughing it' in Maine.

Anonymous said...

DC Girl,

You're playing in an organized adult kickball league?

Cyberfish said...

DC Girl: If the first game was on the mall last night then you may have spotted me. I was there for moral support of a friend....weird.

DC Girl said...

haha. yes Kickball leagues are very fashionable social thing to do in D.C.

it's a great way to meet new people.

I play Sunday at 4:00 on 17th and Constitution. Cyberfish if you live in DC/are still visiting...stop by!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info DC girl.

When you first mentioned the kickball league I laughed hysterically as images of Ben Stiller in "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" popped into my head. Did you notice if anyone wearing a headband with matching wrist bands? ;-)

DC Girl said...

i haven't but i will let you know if I see any matching headbands and wrist bands tomorrow.

you will this amusing. at the meet and greet thursday night, the captain said:

"Just to let you know, if the ball hits any part of your clothing. You are out. If you are wearing a cape, yes I said cape, and the ball hits any part of the cape, you are out."

haha. i was hoping that had something to do with halloween.


we even have our own tee-shirts. and yes, the first time i moved to DC and saw the kickball games on the National Mall, that movie did cross my mind. but alas, it is a 'cool' thing to do to join kickball and baseball leagues. great socializing thing.

i was told, 'we don't care if you know how to play kickball, as long as you know how to play flip cup.'

i will be playing water flip cup while they all get their drunk on after the game.

DC Girl said...

correction: you will find this amusing.

zube said...

correction: if anyone was wearing

zube said...

If people start dressing like superheroes I might just drive down from NJ to watch and photograph the spectacle.

I had no idea what "flip cup" was, had to Google it. Yes, I realize that I really need to get out more but then again I would be drinking water as well. Which makes me wonder if you can drink more water than you teammates can drink beer?

DC Girl said...

day one of kickball today. i just took it all in and watched. it was so miserable today. hot, humid, sunny...ugh! i only took one water bottle which i finished on the way there. thank goodness for water fountains. we went to the exchange and i had non stop water there. left early before they started their flip cup game to get stuck in the metro because the train broke down.

haha. either way it was fun. next time i play (in two weeks) i'll have my officially official kickball shirt and will feel like i'm a part of the group.

it will be a good 8 weeks.

Cyberfish said...

DC Girl: Thanks for the invite. If I ever get a Sunday off I'm down. I don't wear a cape but I've been known to tie a beach towel around my neck.
So the kickball teams are just a reason to get together and play drinking games....interesting.