Friday, August 31, 2007


This is what happened in Maine, Part I:

1) RR and I rented a white Chevy Malibu with Florida plates. We christened the Malibu, Barbie. Barbie was a good car.

2) Since I’m an expert reader of maps and a virtuoso turner of radio dials, I designated myself “navigator.” This left RR, an exceptional operator of automobiles-- especially on highways and freeways--in the role of “driver.”

3) I had a brief stint as “driver.” While behind the wheel, I nearly ran over a chipmunk, a close call that severely compromised my confidence in the role of "driver". My cautious driving also seemed to irritate drivers from several different states—NY, MA, NH, to name a few—and Canada (“I’m from FLORIDA, you jerks!” I often cried out to the procession of cars tailing me. "Cut me some slack!"). The cars overtaking me, one by one, gave me enough of a complex to abstain from driving again for the remainder of our holiday.

4) Number of times we parallel parked: 0 (phew—a minor miracle if you ask me, an active decision on our part if you ask RR)

5) RR and I discovered that a) the lighthouses in Rockland are optical illusions—you can walk for hours in their general direction only to discover that they’re just as far as they were two hours ago or, perhaps, b) the older gent at the lighthouse museum who told us that the bloody lighthouse was 1 mile away was a bloody liar and that c) pajamas in Rockland cost $50. RR and I hated Rockland.

6) Rockport confused us. We missed it entirely on our way up Route 1 and, although we found it on our way down, we couldn’t quite understand why a couple of folks as well as our Maine tourism guide called it one of the nicest, most quaint towns along the state’s craggy shores. Like, what? We drove in and drove right out.

7) We fell asleep before 9:45 each night and woke up no later than 6 each morning. It must’ve been the Florida plates rubbing off on us.

8) Number of times we got lost: 3 (twice in car, once on foot)

9) I wore a skirt or a dress and flipflops every single day. Hiking the trail around Jordan Pond, we came upon a family of three little girls. While the oldest and youngest were dressed hike-appropriate, the middle daughter, who was five or six years old, was wearing a denim skirt, a sparkly t-shirt, and flipflops. "I got WATER on my shoes! I DON'T want water on my shoes!" she cried out, trailing behind her family.
I loved that little girl.

10) RR and I spoke in old world Bah Habah accents for a good part of our vacation.


? said...

Sabila Khan
Read your posts (aka Letters) to MP. Get real girl, dont try to be too dramatic on a site. You dont have the luxury of time and frankly, this is cheap. Looks more like a setup where you re trying too hard to amuse your existing audience and increase blog traffic (or may be rating of your blog). Guess what, I used to visit your blog frequenty and liked your posts. No More. I am out.
Good luck finding love in a blog commentator. Didnt know that anyone with mere writing skills could draw your attention. You looked with little more substance. Feel sorry for you. AND I am sure you have answers to all this.....

SabilaK said...

Wow. Didn't know my open letters would incite such ire. I don't know what to say.

? said...

Let me explain. I am 30 yr old with a regular job and life. At this 'age' and the stage in my career, I really do not have the immaturity & the time to read and comment on someone s blog on a regular basis. This is something teenagers do. I rather read news or a book rather than reading how someone I dont know spent his/her weekend. To be honest, it is a waste of time as I am not learning anything concrete. I think you would agree.

Now. Guys who do it (especially on a female's blog who happens to be pretty and single) a) have too much time on hand or b) do it with a purpose of getting noticed. In this cheap rat race, guys with superior writing skills manage to impress women like you.

I challenge you to pick up any (single) female blog. You will find atleast one dedicated male visitor (who would spend hours and hours reading and commenting on the blog).

I am sure you know all this and thats why I thought of you with little more substance.
Unfortunately I was wrong and you made a mockery out of the blog and now its a REAL waste to spend ANY time on it for the rest.

I leave it upto to you if this is what you want out of your blog and more importantly, your life.

I dont know you personally, but with my experience, I suggest you find love or romance at a better platform. Keep the blog free from it.

zee said...

sabs, that ? is so jealous of mp lmao, i do read your blogs time to time and they are worthy :D

? said...

Zee, stop kissing a*&

? said...

Zee, stop kissing a*&

madlibbin' parasailer said...


Not to add any fuel to the fire, but I'm a little surprised at the harsh tone of your comments over what ultimately amounted to a total of about 3-4 blog entries that took place over the course of about a week. Certainly it seems a little incongruous if, as you said, you had previously enjoyed her blog, to now all of a sudden accusing her of being "cheap" and "[not having] the luxury of time," which seems disproportionately mean-spirited as a reaction to, again, a week's worth of blog entries that are obviously sui generis and which she has not really followed up on since (and in fact, with her going so far as to say most recently that "the cab light is off" (much to my dismay I might add)).

And actually, I think it's a bit ironic that you chose to comment about what a waste of time it was to spend on her blog on one her more charming, back-to-basics entries that had everything to do with her vacation in Maine and nothing to do with her online romantic life. I suspect her blog entries are fast returning to her normal pontifications on life, the universe and everything, so I think that you can enjoy her writings once again, no?

I'm not trying to start a flame war, but I'm just not sure if I understand why your reaction to this was so spiteful.

SabilaK said...

And thanks Zee and MP.

? said...

I said what I felt as an ordinary reader. Sabila, you can get supporters like MP, Zee and may other guys any given day since this surprisingly goes in their favor. They suddenly have a chance to show loyalty and gain some trust. You really are surrounded by a bunch of sweetalkers.
Not expected out of a 28 yr old who claims to have a head on her shoulder.

MP - nothing against you. You re doing what you have to do. Good Luck.

zee said...

sabs, i am laughing hysterically at stalkerish psycho ? , he said he was a frequent commentator, so you could narrow down who he is especially before mp came into the scene, indeed talk is cheap, so why didn't ? make a move sooner

mp, you write well and looks like you got game! but this should not deter other hopefuls, after all this is the game of life, some things work out and some don't

Anonymous said...

Okay, just read this blog after a week - who is this hateful little person? Sabila, I love your blog. It's the only one I read regularly (besides Sepia Mutiny for different reasons) because your entries are genuine, witty and come from the heart. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way so Mr. ? needn't feel sorry for anyone but his sad little self.

Ron said...

?--Go get laid. Seriously. Even laying yourself may be beneficial at this point. You have the cork in way, way too tight, friend.

Sabila: Out-of-state drivers are one of the biggest summertime problems here in the great white north. It's not you, it's them. They don't understand that when we say "65 mph" we actually mean it. They also don't understand that on a two-lane highway there is but one way to pass--on the left. In short, they need to go home. And thankfully, they have.

SabilaK said...

?: You wouldn't happen to be a tall albino, would you?

SabilaK said...

R: This out of state driver wants to learn how to parallel park in Maine. Hell, I wanna hike all over Acadia. You're so freakin' lucky.