Thursday, August 09, 2007

STRANGER DANGER! The Nerddd Gets Recognized During Her Commute

Holy shit, it's happened again!

So, I'm reading this week's New Yorker on the train this morning, minding my own business, when, suddenly, out of nowhere, this man, dressed very business causal-like asks,"Excuse me, you're the Nerd, aren't you?" and then laughing,"I mean, Sabila K?" And I say,"Err....." and panicking on the inside, I can't find anything more to say, until, finally, I croak out a "Yes," and a "Do I know you?" because maybe I know him from some real life thing or through a real life person (although I'm positive that I don't).

He laughs again and says,"No, no! I've seen your profile on--" and he names one of the gazillion social networking sites I'm on. "I read your blog. I can't believe I finally ran into you on the train!"

"The city's smaller than you think," I say, and I return to reading my magazine. I turn a little so that I'm not facing him anymore (because this is all a bit odd) and pretend to be totally into the article I'm reading. Then, to prove to him (and my mom) that I'm not stuck up at all (because I'm not), I wave to him before exiting the train.

I think I handled the situation like a pro.


sadia said...

Wow. Sweeeet.

Except, how do these people recognize you if they don't know you? I mean, how do they know what you look like?

I'm curious.

Adnan said...

Sweet? I think it's quite horrible. Atleast for me. wait.. leme remove my pic from blog!

Anonymous said...

So cute :o)

DC Girl said...

yes. you handled it well.