Tuesday, August 21, 2007


According to just about everyone, I can't hike in a skirt and I must take my ratty sneakers along with me to Maine. So, yes, I'm grudgingly packing my Asics up for the trip. But my great assistant, JD, who's spent many summers in Maine, tells me of lovely scenic driving on Mount Desert Island. Perhaps we won't have to hike at all? Unfortunately, the scenic driving is on mountains and, I don't know about Rich, but I've never driven on a highway, let alone a mountain. And to top things off, there's loads of parallel parking everywhere in Bar Harbor, apparently. I've transcribed JD's step-by-step instructions for perfect parallel parking on a Post-It that I hope to goodness I remember to take with me (it also lists the lighthouses, restaurants and towns that we must visit). Apparently, though Mainers are super friendly, they might still give us strange looks and silently judge us if we ask them to parallel park for us because, you know, they are human. But, they will feel sorry for us and do it anyway, which is reassuring.

Oh, and then there's this issue of my effed up right side. The tightness in my right glute has morphed into an electric pain that runs from glute to ankle, which can't be good. I need to visit an orthopedist who does more than tell me to suck it up. Any brilliant orthopedists out there?

Apologies for the foul mood kittens but I feel utterly spent. I'm in pain, I have yet to pack, and the summer hasn't been too kind on my hips (ie, I've been enjoying dessert a little too much), so, yah, foulness is in order.

I'm so ready for the fall.

ps: I suspect that MP, who, I gather from his comments, is something of an outdoorsman, is shocked, outraged, and saddened by my aversion to "roughing it."

Is this the end of MP and the Nerddd???
Will MP ever comment on this blog again???
Will the Nerddd hike and drive up a mountain???
How will our Nerddd parallel park???
And will the Nerddd ever get back to her healthy, not-too-much-dessert ways???

Stay tuned folks.

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