Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I did it.
I hiked in a dress and flip flops, with a tote slung over my shoulder, a ribbon in my hair and a busted hip. The trail, I might add, was rather treacherous. We hiked for two hours.
It was fabulous.

Maine is breathtaking. I'm rather in love with the state and I'm sure Rich concurs.

Next time, I'm packing my hiking boots (and other hiking-appropriate apparel) and I'm roughing it properly (during the day and returning to the amenities of a four diamond hotel at night, of course).

More details about the trip to come tomorrow, sweethearts.


Obi Wan Kenobi said...

The hiking day is always fun. The next day is the joy if you know what I mean :-) . I wish you all the best.

Ron said...

Hey, I was just about to ask how it went and I find this--so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. I hear the weather's been great (don't know; I just got back from L.A., where the weather was great and the smog made the sky look like someone had smeared it with grey dookie). Camden, by the way, is where "In the Bedroom" was filmed a few years back, which I'm sure you know is an adaptation of one of Andre Dubus' many awesome short stories.

Sort of funny that we were simultaneously touring areas that are the exact opposite of our element--you braving the wilds, me stumbling around the scary claustrophobic urban environs.

Rich said...

I teach "Killings" in school! I'll have to share that footnote with the children next spring. Sabila, you wouldn't mind if I showed a gaggle of fifteen-year olds our vacation pics, would you?

Anonymous said...

um...so does that mean we can eat outdoors now?


SabilaK said...

Obi Wan: Thank you for your wisdom. You were always my favorite in the Star War movies but ESPECIALLY after that hotty Ewan MacGregor played you. You go boy!

SabilaK said...

Ron: I traveled out West once in my life and spent my first and only day in LA sobbing. It's the only city that's thrown me into a depression. Needless to say, we quickly hauled our asses out of there.

Maine, on the other hand, was loveliness. I wish I was there now.

SabilaK said...

Rich: I love you but you'd have to give me millions of dollars before I let you share our pics with 15 year olds.
I miss you!
Finally read that YA novel I was telling you about. You should have your book club read it.