Friday, November 09, 2007


MP, the bf, might be able to join the bffs and me for dinner tonight in the JC, NJ! I'm atwitter with joy!


DC Girl said...

WHOA! THE B-F!!!!!!!!!!!!

*like Borat said*

ittttsss naaaiiiiiiice.

LOVE this post and love you and HAVE FUN and i'm sure they will llllluuuuvvvvvvv him.

*muah* bella!

madlibbin' parasailer said...

DC Girl,

Its rare that anything I do inspires spontaneous Borat-isms amongst DC based kickball affectionados with fetishes for law enforcement/spy types like yourself, but when I do, I know its been a good day. How good? Real good.

And you are making waves as a bit of a femme fatale yourself on this blog! Not only do we hear excerpts from your hot dates, but you seem to be growing quite a following here as well! Nicely done. Nicely done, indeed!

Here's my best attempt at a DC Girl smile:


Not bad, eh?

Francesca said...

I have a feeling MP will make an excellent impression on the bffs. I hope you all have a lovely time.

DC Girl said...



:::comes back:::


You're talking!!!??

::blink blink:: wowwwwwww.

I feel SOOOOO special.

and I LOVE how you already have me figured out. I DO have a fetish and love for Secret Service/FBI men. They make my brain salivate and I turn into the flamingo from Aladdin standing there going:

Uhhhh huhhhh duhhhh

as they walk by.

Wow. I have a following? I have a blog also you know...

ask Sabila for the link.



oh the FBI man in the gray suit ... *sigh*

I have a crush.

At this moment, I am on my phone while Grandma goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the issue in Pakistan right now.


she's crazy about you man...which makes us all crazy about you also. please ignore the haters.


:::gives you a serious look:::

Break her heart and I'll break your face and set half the Secret Service men and FBI men that I am about to flirt with lose on your butt.

:::smiles at you again:::

ciao love! have fun!

*muah* to you two!

Anonymous said...

dc girl - glad to see your fascination with FBI guys, you obviously have good taste.

I've been in the Bureau for about 5 years and just last week started my extended leave to pursue higher education. Unless things drastically changed in a week, it is sad to say there are not too many muslims; and especially not too many desis in the Bureau. Instead of stalking them for a far, why don't you join the Bureau and stalk them up close. Actually the only other desi muslim agent I know is a female and a mother. Think about it.

For me it has been quite an adventure. The FBI definitely has its issues, after all our middle name is Bureau, thus we are loaded with unnecessary bureaucracy, but then who isn't? If you can get past it, then it is a fantastic job. Some people warm up their computers, some put on their reading glasses to get ready for work; you will be strapping on your badge and gun - pretty cool.

If you or anyone is interested in joining, I'm always trying to recruit good people to help us out.

dc girl - if you can get me the name of that agent, I'll probably know somebody, who will know somebody, who will know somebody who will know him: Bureau's version of the Kevin Bacon game. Just tell him you're interested in joining, trust me he will give you his card.


DC Girl said...


are you single and do you live in D.C. If you know any hot, tall, single, (not players) FBI or Secret Service men in D.C. who are also looking to meet a nice single hot girl...let me know. I don't discriminate on religion.

i think i am now obsessed with anonymous.

*sigh* (again(


DC Girl said...

he was having lunch in chinatown this past monday at Soho on 9th and F, with a bunch of others, he was very tall, blond, blue eyes, and someone referred to him as Shawn.

Anonymous said...

so i met MP the other night and made the following observations:

1. his knowledge of properly taking a dump in the woods and surviving 17 days without showering is impressive.

2. he can survive 3 cackling women.

3. he can take my ball busting....and give in right back. (always a plus)

4. he kind enough not to be openly terrified of my driving skills. (niiiiice)

5. he's a patient man. (damn bastards at the restaurant kept on making mistakes with is order)

6. most importantly, he was good to our sabila. he continued to hold her hand even though his other hand would've made eating his nachos a bit easier....aaawww.

so, overall, i'd say so far so good. however, my final decision hinges on his karaoke skills.

MP - your NIN skills better rock! i'm expecting a kick ass performance and a faux-hawk. i'll be soooo disappointed otherwise...


DC Girl said...


MP ....

you held her hand while eating nachos.

oh honey.

so sweet. keep it up. don't forget that you are setting the standard and you better stick to it. if i find out that you are the guy who is doing all of this and then changes...well....

read my post about the SS men and FBI men chasing you.



sooooo sweet.

thank you rachel for the update. i'm so envious that you all met him.


come to D.C. i want to meet you.


by the way...tomorrow i am picking up my ex-boyfriend who i was in a relationship with for 5 years...who is now engaged...from the airport. he is in D.C. for work and we're meeting up for dinner.

*rolls eyes*

according to him we're still BFFs.

will update how it goes.

Dear K,

Where are my hot SS/FBI men.

Cheers all. hope your Sunday was FAB!

zee said...

even i got to say "awwwwwwwwwww" at the one hand holding, one hand nacho eating

Anonymous said...

dc girl:

Sorry I can't help you out with SS men; I worked alongside them when 5 years ago when I was in the military, but the guys were all older and married.

As far as FBI guys, here are some tips:

Many agents frequent the Chinatown area and the Old Post Office for lunch, but all those guys are from our HQ. They are a little older and most likely married, since you have to have a couple years in before going to work at HQ.

You want guys around 4th Street, and Judiciary Square area for that is where Washington Field Office is and where all the younger, single agents are.

As for me, I am single (thus why I was hitting on Sabila) and did just move back to DC (hometown where I grew up and about to start higher education). Sorry but I'm not blonde or blue-eyed.

Good luck on your quest.


Anonymous said...

i would think writing an anonymous post in the comments section is more stalker not hitting on.

DC Girl said...

where in D.C.?


i live on Capitol Hill.

and I am *not* going to 'hang out' where they are...


i find them hawwwwt...

i'm not THAT crazy.


but thanks for the advice.

Dear anonymous:

what in the WORLD are you trying to say?