Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Saturday, 10/20/07, 1 day after my first date with MP:

Nerddd: ...oh, amma, it was all SO lovely...sigh...
Amma: So, when will he propose to you?
Nerddd: AMMA! We've been out once!
Amma: Well, how many more times does he need to go out with you before he proposes?
Nerddd: I'm walking away now.

Sunday, 10/28/07, 1 hour after my second date with MP:

Amma: How did it go?
Nerddd: Oh, amma, he's so LOVELY.
Amma: Did he say anything?
Nerddd:, about what?
Amma: About marriage!
Nerddd: We're not having this conversation.

Tuesday, 10/30/07, 2 days after my second date with MP:

Amma: Wow, look at these beautiful engagement rings in this DeBeers catalog I received in the mail!
Nerddd (reading)
Amma: Sabila...I think you'd like something like this...
Nerddd (still reading)
Amma: Don't you want to think about what kind of ring you want.
Nerddd: AMMA! Two dates! Two dates!
Amma: ...I'm just saying...oooh. Look at that one.

Tuesday, 11/06/07, 3 days after my third date with MP:

Amma: Wouldn't you say meeting him three times is quite enough?
Nerddd: Err, no.
Amma: Fine.
Amma (after a brief pause): Sabila.
Nerddd: Hmm?
Amma: Don't go to his apartment, okay?!
Nerddd: Amma! Can we not talk about this.
Amma: And if it's raining the next time you see him, don't take the umbrella that he bought you.
Nerddd: Well, why not?
Amma: You don't want him to think that you don't own any umbrellas of your own.


Anonymous said...

Hillarious :o)
Your mom's so cute.

The other night my mom told me she wishes she was born in this era too. Then she could enjoy dating too. Though she still knows she'd utimately end up with my dad (arrangements do work) :o)

She's funny.

Anonymous said...

"Don't go to his apartment"? Yet she had no problem with you going on holiday with Rich and sleeping in the same bed? What's up with that?

Rabs said...

I love your mom. :)

If it makes you feel any better, my mom wanted to know how much time I have between graduation and the start of my first job. When I said about 3 weeks, she said "Perfect! That's enough time for a nice honeymoon!" Ah, so she wants to marry me off within six months. To whom?

A guy I've met a handful of times. Said encounters were five or six years ago, always at desi parties, so they weren't even real meetings. I've exchanged about three emails with him since. Yeah mom. Thanks.

That thappar you'll hear soon will be the response to my next question: If you like him so much, why don't you just adopt him?

Cyberfish said...

Next time your mom brings up engagement rings a nice way to divert the course of the conversation would be the disdain you (should) hold for the Debeers company. They have a global monopoly on diamonds (admittedly their rings are incredible). To say nothing of the rotten conditions in their mines throughout Africa, having been one of the largest purveyors of war zone diamonds, and of course their illegal claim to mines in countries that were expropriated during the colonial era. I only mention it because you strike me as being a socially conscienscious person SK.

SabilaK said...

Hi Cyberfish: I am very aware that DeBeers is responsible for human rights violations in Africa and wouldn't give them a dollar for all the diamonds in the world.

You, by the way, should date DC Girl.
I'm just saying!

Francesca said...

One (notice I am not saying "you")could always get a beautiful antique ring and who says it has to be a diamond, or even have a stone in it?

I've grown very fond of your mother from reading your posts.

googliboo said...

I agree with Francesca: your mom is adorable!

Cyberfish said...

Atta girl SK. I knew you wouldn't by a Debeers diamond or accept one from a man (even one as put together as MP).

Far be it from me to troll for dates on your blog Sabila, I am open to any possibility. Also, don't you think dc girl should have some say in it?

That aside, thanks for your confidence!

zee said...

Sabila, i want to ask but will refrain :P

MP and all men here, being desi that i am, if it ever came to that ring go, you will enough money saved to bribe all the ghee aunties with mithai for life :P

no pressure here, take it easy you two :)

Anonymous said...

Dating is not allowed in Islam. But, who am I kidding. Does that stop Muslims from doing it? No.

Saady said...

I like the fact that you call your Amma...."Amma" lol

Anonymous said...

woohooo for MP! and sorry about your mom. but if she didn't do that, i'd worry, ya know? where is MP...we need to hear from him!

Anonymous said...

SK - C'mon now...ur Mom is awfully cute as far as the blog story unfolds...but if this truthfully is the way u two interact in real life then what two big ass immigrant saga stereotypical being kind to each other out of fear of challenging each other in the meantime not being in tune with who you both really are and missing out on an honest mother -daughter relationship rock are u living under!?!?! plus ur Amma hasn't even met MP & wants to get u married off to him?! sweet...looks like she really knows u and whats good for u or hey it wud be great to have shaadi, valeema followed by grandkids ASAP...or hopefully she trusts u & knows ur no fool and can make the right decisions on ur own guided by all the good values she has shared with u. any which way stop writing for fourth graders and put it out here - we are listening! muslimrollingstone freud

DC Girl said...

is cyberfish a hot secret service man or FBI agent...because that's what I'm on the look out for right now.


and your mom is hilarious...


Hi MP...

my trip to NYC will not happen till after Jan due to financial woes. maybe the Nerddd should come to DC soon. *ahem*


SabilaK said...

Ah, Muslim Rollingstone Freud:
My mom and I laugh together a lot. Just for the record, there's more laughter in our conversations than seething silence. She understands that sometimes the things she says are RIDICULOUS to me and says them anyway (to push my buttons, I suspect).

I don't know if this is what you were asking in your comment--frankly, I had a hard time following--but there it is.


Cyberfish said...

Sorry dc girl, I only happen to meet one of those criteria and unfortunately the only one among those that is subjective. Yes, I'm hot.

Would you care to clue us in on your fixation with federal agents?

muhammed said...

does ur MP read the blog

DC Girl said...

didn't you know? they can keep secrets.


Cyberfish said...

who says i can't? (keep a secret) :)

DC Girl said...

oh dude. you killed the phun.


Cyberfish said...

aww man. im a phun killer. i have no excuse. sorry :(