Monday, November 19, 2007


MP's meeting the parents (that's both amma and abu) for dinner tomorrow night.


DC Girl said...

wOOt wOOt!

i'm sure you both will be fine.

MP - I'm really proud of you man. You've put a LOT of men I've met in my life who have *tried* to court me, desi and non-desi to shame.

I wish you well.

Sabila, I shall be expecting a phone call afterwards, a text, a homing pigeon, smoke signals...something to let me know how it went.

Cheers. Love you two!

Nefertiti said...
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DC Girl said...

wait. not a LOT..i mean ... the 2 or 3 who have pretended to be real men but have miserably failed...


Where's K?

Anonymous said...

do cross-cultural matches work? Let's hope so for our sake.

dc girl if you're so utterly desirable, how come you're not taken?

Muhammed Ansari said...

let me answer that because she has still do been able to find the gem yet

and K seems to be running away from her lol

DC Girl said...



i have been single because i want to be single.


and thank you for calling me 'utterly desirable'...your words, not mine. so you can stop making me look like a narcissistic freak now.


bigkahuna said...

What's for dinner?

AND: remember to have fun.

PS: Brit food *AND* weather suck...
But tea at the Savoy is kinda fun ;-)

Anonymous said...

dc girl - you do come across as a bit desperate

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful meal!
best wishes

DC Girl said...

HAHA. i'm just having fun.

Anonymous said...

dc girl, the other anonymous commentators above weren't me. I used to be anonymouse..

While your earnest perusal of the nerddd's solipsistic outpourings does come across as a tad 'desperate', but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Why don't you set yourself up a blog, so that there is something to click on when one sees 'dc girl', and you could find yourself a Madlibbin' Parasailer (did anyone but me notice that for a lawyer he makes a lot of syntactical mistakes?).

Perhaps I'll look into that blog of yours, and even if you do want to be single (really?), I should just put it out there that I am DC based.

googliboo said...

Hey Sabila,
Good luck with the dinner! I'm sure MP will win your parents' hearts, just as he was able to win yours. :)

Sasha said...

"your earnest perusal of the nerddd's solipsistic outpourings does come across as a tad 'desperate'...

I'm not even going to justify that remark with an explanation.

I already have a blog.

And unless you know me in person, have spent some time in my company or on the phone for 2 hours at a time like Sabila and I do...please don't judge me.

I live on Capitol Hill. Where do you live?

There are so many Anonymous here who find it easy to criticize people without putting their real name up there. I find them to be cowards.

Let me start...My name is Sasha. I live in Washington, D.C. and have been the Nerddd's friend for the last 2 years.

Have the courage to put your real name out there before you decide to criticize people right away by one or two comments...which to me, doesn't show me in reality at all.

Anonymous, I'm already meeting K for coffee (if he can come here and decide a day and time) ... i would be open to meeting you also.

In the meanwhile, hope you all have a great thanksgiving.

Sasha said...

you mean me being the first one to comment on here?


that's the joy of waking up at 5 a.m. to do news clips.

The Brown Girl said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Am I reading what I think Im reading. I suppose congrats are in order but I shall wait til word to do my FULL DANCE!


zee said...

is sabila singing: 'i want to sing' by regina spektor yet? :D

Anonymous said...

Sasha, aka dc girl,

Sorry for not responding earlier, but I don't check the blog on daily basis. The new job, trying to pursue school, and having family obligations (something new to me since I've lived away for so long) have me running ragged. How about we meet up after Thanksgiving, like you had suggested earlier. I visit the Hill quite a bit, so maybe sometime during the week. Thanks for your well wishes and have a good thanksgiving.

MP & Sabila - good luck with meeting the folks.


ps. dc girl, first FBI guys and now the Economist - you definitely have great taste.

SabilaK said...

K, are you on Facebook?

SabilaK said...

To all the naysayers, this cross-cultural match is working out just fine, mainly because MP is so open-minded and culturally informed.

SabilaK said...

Big Kahuna, dear, you've gone to and returned from the UK already? We must discuss!

SabilaK said...

Sasha, darling, I love you.
You deserve nothing but the best.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for K.

SabilaK said...

Farah: If I'd known you'd bust a move for the occasion, I'd pick up MP on my blog and introduce him to my folks months ago!

Miss you darling.

SabilaK said...

Zee, I'm singing Fidelity and a whole lot of Coldplay.

SabilaK said...

Okay, kittens, I'm off to change for dinner! MP's meeting us at the restaurant at 8:30! Please send plenty of prayers and positive vibes this way!

anonymouse said...

I'm sure it'll go fine, Ms Khan. From experience in my own family, a white bro-in-law worked quite well, and in fact much better than an equivalent desi would have, given my sister's very high maintenance ways.

dc girl/Sasha: while I do not come with the ringing endorsement of Ms Khan - in fact I think she is apathetic to my cause - I do have an abiding interest in desi Capitol Hill mavens and mavenettes. So why not.

Once your pas-de-deux with the minimalistically named K is duly conducted, could you use these oh-so-romantic pages (i.e., the nerddd's blahg) to update me on your status, nuptially or otherwise. I will check it more often now that the previously excruciating posts over whether she will/will not meet the 'rishta' guy are no longer forthcoming.

Full disclosure, my situation can be described in terms of what facebook would call 'It's complicated.'

Sasha said...

I have taken quite a fancy to meeting K...but I'll let you know how it goes. Remember, I just want to meet a new friend, but I will be lying to you if I didn't tell you that K being the FBI man that he is makes me curious.

Dear K,

I go outside on Sunday mornings and pick up my Economist, of course after I've tracked it down in the foliage by the sidewalk and look forward to spending the day with it with a good cup of Starbucks and the new book I'im reading which Sabila mailed me.

K, Are you on Facebook?


No Stage Necessary said...

how did it go??

Anonymous said...

People. Seriously K is a loser. Dude stand up be a man and if you like someone go for it. Waiting around lingering and basically being a pussy is not attractive to women.

Confidence and ease is.

anonymouse said...

I see the irony in 'anonymous' above telling someone else with at least a letter (K) to his name to be 'a man'. Are you just projecting your own fears, 'dude'? Seems like he is going to give Sasha the FBI full body search much before you'll own up to a name. I digress..

Sasha said...



Sasha said...


Update please. We're all waiting.