Monday, November 12, 2007


Apologies for not posting today kittens. I was experiencing major technical difficulties. More TK tomorrow but in the meantime, you all should read what my bff Rachel had to say in the below post's comments section about MP. It's rather nice and all true. Sigh.

so i met MP the other night and made the following observations:

1. his knowledge of properly taking a dump in the woods and surviving 17 days without showering is impressive.

2. he can survive 3 cackling women.

3. he can take my ball busting....and give in right back. (always a plus)

4. he kind enough not to be openly terrified of my driving skills. (niiiiice)

5. he's a patient man. (damn bastards at the restaurant kept on making mistakes with is order)

6. most importantly, he was good to our sabila. he continued to hold her hand even though his other hand would've made eating his nachos a bit easier....aaawww.

so, overall, i'd say so far so good. however, my final decision hinges on his karaoke skills.

MP - your NIN skills better rock! i'm expecting a kick ass performance and a faux-hawk. i'll be soooo disappointed otherwise...


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Anonymous said...

Yes, truly a catch. What a find, a man who can speak of 'taking a dump.' Then again, like attracts like. Trailer trash attracts trailer trash..