Friday, November 16, 2007


That's right folks. MP is meeting my two big brother tomorrow. Gulp.


DC Girl said...

MP will charm them. I have faith in him. I'm sure your brothers will love him also.


Anonymous said...

MP - you have my sympathy.....good luck!

DC Girl said...

Me: *walking by noticing the sleek black SUV and sniper guys*
Guy # 1: *gets out of passenger side*
Guy # 2: *gets out of the driver side*
Me: *continues walking*
Me: *stops*
Me: *turns around*
Me: *smiles*
Guy # 1: *smiles*
Me: By the way...
Guy # 1: Yes?
Me: This whole SUV, the outfit, the whole look...
Guy # 1: Yes?
Me: Just wanted to let you know, its sexy as hell.
Guy # 1: oh...Thanks!
Guy # 2: *just standing there grinning*
Me: *turns around*
Me: *continues to walk to Union Station*

Anonymous said...

Anon - you're lame, get a life.

Sabila, I did not write the last post titled "K", I think it's safe to assume who writes moronic statements like that. I'm not that petty or immature. Appreciate your effort to play matchmaker, but you are a tough act to follow. I just don't know enough about dc girl to make any judgements, but I'm up for making new friends.

dc girl - Thanks for the offer to meet up for coffee. I'm in. Let's find another way to communicate and we'll set something up. In the meantime, happy hunting G-men.


Anonymous said...

As I was posting a comment clearing the record about the first K posting, looks like anon has posted another stupid comment posing as me.

Oh well, everyone has their warped sense of humor. I'm sure anon will post again as me, so I hope you can discern comments made by me and those made by the village idiot.

DC Girl said...

Dear K,

I didn't think you would be that mean...considering you were giving me hints on how I can have more SS/FBI eye candy earlier...and I'm always cool with making new friends also!



yeaaaaaaa for cofffeeeee!!!

I usually go to the Starbucks on E and 7th in Chinatown.

How about we plan a coffee meet there after Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said...

my vote is that K is bipolar. Caution to anyone trying to meet up with him. Think starbucks on a busy street in the middle of the day.

BTW- What do you all think happened to that Defense auntie? She hasnt posted in a while esp nice the news of mp broke.

nusrat said...

I agree with K. I feel like the purpose of this pretend relationship is to keep the ratings up on this blog. A virtual bf after two dates? YAWN.

DC Girl said...

i got a good vibe from K when I first read him be brave and put his biodata and heart out on the comments page.

I don't think he's bipolar. I am starting to warm up to him really...


and he'll be my new friend soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

What are y'alls plans for Turkey Day?

Anonymous said...

We all know that MP is intellectually stimulating but is he HOT!?

DC Girl said...

sooooooooooooo?? how did it goooooo?