Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Dear Kittens,

Now that I know the serendipities that eventually led MP to my blog, I turn my attention to you. Yes, you. I was having lunch with a friend yesterday, when she asked me how the hell people find my blog. I explained to her that I actively pimp Nerddd on the baba-jillion networking sites I'm on and that, surely, word of mouth plays a part in blog discoveries. But, who knows? Perhaps some of you found my blog in the same random manner that MP did. Or maybe it was through networking site number 1,000,001.

I don't care how you did it, just tell me so that I can satisfy my own curiousity.

And, seriously, who are you guys, anyway? Introductions would be much appreciated (if you feel comfortable doing that sort of thing).

To the haters out there, rest assured, comment moderation is alive and well.

The Nerddd


Anonymous said...

My sweet Sabila Kitten, you forgot to add the s after anyway. (;

justifiably_vertical said...

Ok, well, I'll take the plunge and hope I don't end up being the only person to do this...

I'm justifiably_vertical (not, it's not a phallic reference). I'm a college student in the great state of MA, though I originally come from somewhere in the Kuiper Belt. I have my own blog (which you should check out because it's hells-yeah-fuck-awesome) that I started for the purpose of getting back at the world for what I consider unfair treatment of lizards.

I stumbled upon Revenge' completely at random (literally: I used the "random blog" button), got hooked, and have read ever since (a year and change I think...).

SabilaK said...

Thanks JV! And, for the record, your blog is indeed hells-yeah-fuck-awesome!

Read it here:

Anyone else...anyone...?

SabilaK said...

*crickets chirping*

t said...

found you on B-P

who am i?
a transient
from here and there
floating as a cloud
with my partner in crime
for the alloted three score
....................and ten
reading, wondering, musing

who are we?
a spec of sand
on the vast shoreline
of history
being washed
by waves upon waves
days upon nights
doing nothing
going nowhere
making no difference

googliboo said...

I'm a twenty-something mom to a cute little two year old. I grew up in Nepal and Pakistan. I've lived in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1998. And yes, I do have a blog:
How I came across yours? Orkut.

Rubes said...

DC Gal sent me ur blog page and I've been checking back now for...okay for about 2 weeks but I totally loves yo blog gurl.

I'm a American Bangladeshi married 11 years, livin' in Arlington VA and workin' in DC. Yes yes, I have a blog too...and I love writing so it all works out eh? my blog is Check me out sometime ya'll.

bigkahuna said...

How: word o' mouth/Naseeb. Yes I'm a Naseeb refugee... Being with engineering/tech types all day - a "nerd" blog from another point of view is a nifty thing.

Who am I? A Silicon Valley tech guy who loves all things nerd/geek/tech.

I need to update more frequently. Candidly a blog is a little like having a pet - requires constant care! How do you do it Mlle Nerddd?

Cyberfish said...

I am Cyberfish. I recently split from my old film and media company to form another film company by the same name. I own two other businesses, bizdev, and another in Japan that administers behavioral therapy to autistic children. I found Sabila on naseeb (which i havent been to in like 2 years). I have a blog which is linked to here but lately its been suckin' cause I've been busy. I am also a published fiction writer.

MB said...

A teenager living in the quietly weird state of Kansas .. I think I found out about your blog through a friend .. I have a super-dooper great memory, don't I? heh

Saady said...

I just happened to stumble and trip my way onto your blog.

My initial reaction was "why am i reading a pink blog that talks about nylon stalkings and static clings?"

then I went "Oh she knows about routers !". The reason i kept coming back was coz it was an interesting "nerdy" perspective from the "other side" !

As far as I am concerned, people call me Saady. Twenty something, almost ready to graduate from the Air Force Academy and head back to Pakiland to do some good stuff. Living in the foothills of the Rockies was quite the adventure !

That should be enough of and introduction. Keep rocking and good luck in your romantic escapades !


@MB: Hola Amigo ! We meet again !

SabilaK said...

t: how mysterious and poetic. How mysteriously poetic, even. I like!

SabilaK said...

googliboo: I think I did some research on our x-degrees of separation a while ago and determined that my cousins in Islamabad might be friends of yours. Is this correct?

SabilaK said...

Rubes: *hugs* You know I totally love you too.

SabilaK said...

Oh Kahuna and I go way back. Naseeb was good for something, after all. Can't wait to meet in a couple of weeks!

SabilaK said...

You may or may not know it but you're actually one of my all-time faves! And I'll say it again: Naseeb was good for something.

SabilaK said...

That's pretty hot.

SabilaK said...


Are there other Pakistanis in the Air Force Academy? You're one cutie-patootie, by the way! Girls, check out his blog.

SabilaK said...


Are there other Pakistanis in the Air Force Academy? You're one cutie-patootie, by the way! Girls, check out his blog.

Sasha said...

ummm. you and I know how we met. Enough said.

I love you.

Anonymous said...

I invited you out once -- to a vegan restaurant. No, obviously not one of the haters/wackos that keep your blog lively (but maybe not civil!). In fact, I've only commented here twice before.

Inspired by 't', from view with a grain of sand (by WS):

We call it a grain of sand,
but it calls itself neither grain nor sand.
It does just fine without a name,
whether general, particular,
permanent, passing,
incorrect or apt.
The window has a wonderful view of a lake,
but the view doesn't view itself.
It exists in this world
colourless, shapeless,
soundless, oderles and painless.
The lake's floor exists floorlessly,
and its shore exists shorelessly.
Its water feels itself neither wet nor dry
and its waves to themselves are neither singular nor plural,
They splash deaf to their own noise
on pebbles neither large nor small.

~long time listener in NY.

zee said...

from naseeb, i should add u on that site aka masti555 :D

Cyberfish said...

Sabila: I'm honestly flattered to be one of your all time faves. And have to say the feeling is mutual. I never considered myself a blog groupie, but I've been quite entertained by your blog since its inception. However I am still waiting to read some supernatural thrillers of yours.

sadoinnj said...

a former DC-ite who is now in northern Jersey, i stumbled on your blog after i saw what site my friend visited before he came to my blog and was hooked. i felt you and i were living parallel lives, just in two different states.. but i guess we're both in the same state now. and its funny how we both found partners around the same time. i am wishing you all the best!

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

I started reading your blog a couple of months ago on a link recommendation from Terra Shield, who's blog I found through a World of Bloggers. This is one of my favourite blogs to read, although I dislike the haters!

I'm a PhD student of politics in Ireland.... and I have a blog at At the time of the invention of my pseudonym (many years ago now) I was not aware that aunty was commonly used to refer to an older women in many cultures - aunt is a more specific term where I come from - this has resulted in some confusion at times (mainly for some people who find my blog through suspect googling - Aunty toilets stall aint the half of it I can tell you!).

The main purpose of my blogging (and reading other blogs!) is to procrastinate and avoid working on my thesis, therefore I could not recommend reading it, as you'll only be encouraging my bad habits!

googliboo said...

Oh, and Cyberfish- I think I still need to answer your question...I came across your food blog through Sabila's blog. You write well!

t said...


moucho gracias:)


this (still working on) is for you

grain of sand

a granite rock
ensconced on a peak
fell in love
with a coquettish cloud
floating miles from ocean
spreading shadow-relief
over parched fields and plains
holding in its bosom
water, sound and fury
but no love spare
it flirted with the rock
danced around the peak
sans commitment
and floated away
the rock heart broken
broke free and fell
rolled some distance
rested.....and rolled on
splintering into stones
with each hurting encounter
...............each stone
singed with love lost and
continued the downward spiral
breaking into pebbles
................and grains
resting at beloved's feet
on the vast shoreline
................of tranquility
succumbing to the waves

Cyberfish said...

Googliboo: Thank you very much! I rather like your blog as well!

Sabila: One more thing: I had no idea I was one of your all time faves. Made my day.

Sasha said...

Here's one that my friend Tom wrote for me yesterday:

Roses are red,
But your favorite is yellow.
Your stare makes my insides
Turn into Jell-O


googliboo said...

so, i'm not sure if my message got to you about your cousins in pakistan being my cousins aswell. does that make us cousins too?!

anonymouse said...

I don't care about all this solipsistic pishposh, but the questions incandescent in my mind: why did dc girl become a sasha, hence neutering the gravitas and oh-so-commonality of dc + (add generic descriptive noun for girl/woman)?

Also, is she hot?